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Kink Interviews

Every week or so I publish a kink interview by a regular, everyday person who just so happens to have a taboo pleasure to share with us!  The goal of these interviews is to share a little bit about the natural, normal diversity of human sexuality and to also give us an alluring peek into our neighbors’ secret (or not so secret) sex lives.  You can see all of my past kink interviews here.

If you would like be interviewed, then you’re in the right place!  Interviews are done online, without the need to reveal your real-life identity.  I’m open to publishing interviews about a wide variety of kinks, including those that include extreme role play.  However, the activities themselves must abide by the creed of safe, sane and consensual or risk-aware consensual kink.  If you have questions about what this means, you are welcome to email me with a hypothetical situation first.  You can also learn more about me here, or write to ask me anything you like.

It is an honor to be able to ask you some questions online, and I hope that you enjoy participating!  Please feel free to pick any one of your kinks, or adapt the questions to cover several that you would like to talk about.  If you have a blog or business you would like to mention, please tell us all about it in your answers!  You can write as little or as much as you like, and can speak as explicitly as you like.

Once it is online it will be automatically posted on other sites who post my feed, and Google will have a cached copy (as it does with many websites), so make sure not to say anything you aren’t ready for the world to have!

If there are any questions you prefer not to answer, go ahead and skip it or replace it with another question.  If you like, I can let you know ahead of time when your interview is set to be published.  Just let me know!  Otherwise, I suggest following ExploringIntimacy on twitter, through our RSS feed, or on our FaceBook Fan Page.  You’ll get all of the updates on the blog there, plus other news.

Complete the kink interview

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