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Sex Q&A

Got a question about sexual health, pleasure and relationships for me to answer here on the blog? Send it in and I might feature it here on Exploring Intimacy!

Send your questions to Dr. Ruthie at ExploringIntimacy (at) Gmail (dot) com.

Or, if you want to remain so anonymous that I don’t even know your email, you can use this net form and it will sent it right to me.

Questions may be posted online here on the blog, unless you specifically ask me not to.  I will not post your name or email address, don’t worry. I may write back to your email address, unless you don’t enter it in the form.  Please be patient, if there are a lot of questions then I won’t be able to get to yours right away.

Sending in a request for advice or other comments means that you are a legal adult and at least 18 years old. It also means that we can edit your request or comment, shorten it, and post it online or not answer or post it at all.  If you’re having an emergency of any type please call 911, and if you’re in need of medical care, see your doctor or get to the ER asap. We do not respond to emergency messages, flames or messages that are not intended for publication in our blog or podcast. We cannot take the place of medical or legal advice, because we’re not doctors, therapists or lawyers!

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