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Play Testing the Flexi Felix by FunFactory

January 20, 2010
  • Toy: Flexi Felix (sent by TrinityRomance)
  • Type: Silicone anal beads/bloops
  • Manufacturer: FunFactory
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price: ~ $45
  • SMT rating: 0 (doesn’t vibrate, but you can add your own bullet vibe, as shown in the video)

This lovely, velvety, silicone improvement on anal beads was an absolute delight to review! The Trinity Romance Shop of Squamish, British Columbia (Canada) helps to keep its region, all of Canada, and the USA supplied with phthalate-free sex toys and sex-positive resources.  Naturally, I was thrilled when they offered to send me a review copy of the delightful Flexi Felix!  An interview with the founder will be featured here soon, so you can read all about the experience of starting an indie sexuality boutique up north.

Those who keep an eye on my blog know I make it my duty to scout out toys for faults and problems in order to give an honest review (regardless of whether it was sent to me for review or I bought it).  Therefore, you can be confident when I give a toy my joyful thumbs up!

The Flexi Felix by Fun Factory has joined the ranks of elite as a fantastic toy.  Compose of safe, sanitary silicone with no rough seams, excellent shaping, and a smiling flared base (just look at the video) – Flexi Felix should be a favorite of anal pleasure beginners and those who enjoy a good set of beads.  It’s firm enough to insert easily, a bead at a time, yet soft enough to be comfortable and easy to lubricate.  The base is the perfect size and shape to fit comfortably between the cheeks, complete with two holes for easy gripping and control.  And who can resist such an upbeat partner in pleasure, with that smiling face on the base?  For added fun, insert a thicker vibrating bullet into one of the eyes (she won’t mind) to give some buzz to the entire toy.

For those considering any type of anal beads, this toy should be at the top of your list.  Never purchase one with fabric string, or with beads strong loosely (unsealed) over a plastic or wire string.  These are the perfect places for bacteria to hide – luckily you’re safe from that with this toy.  Just give it a good washing before and after use, or you can even carefully dip it briefly in boiling water to sanitize it!

All butt toys should be used with plenty of high quality lube, including this one. Our tester used the Flexi Felix with oil-based lube, as that is what he prefers, but it can also be used with water-based lubricants.  It’s important to patch test silicone lubes on the base if you prefer them, as silicone lube can cause problems for silicone toys.  While he didn’t get much in the way of prostate stimulation from the toy, until it buzzed, he did enjoy the sensation of inserting and removing it.  I go into more detail on how to use the toy in the video, in case you’re curious or looking for suggestions.  This toy can also be enjoyed by folks with female parts, of course, as everyone’s anal area is rich with nerves made just for sexual pleasure.  That makes the Flexi Felix a great toy for every body!

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