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Play Testing the Tenga Egg (Guest Review)

December 21, 2009
Image from Babeland

A Good Small Thing for Your Package

This week we have a guest review written by long-time reader Geekle, reviewing the Tenga Egg men’s masturbation toy.

I first heard about Tenga when one of their representatives broke the world male masturbation record using one of the Tenga products.  This was compelling enough for me to remember their name when attending Midori’s Whole DC workshops and pick up one of their more economical products, the Tenga Egg.  I’m not usually a fan of disposable products, particularly ones of an intimate nature, but the one-use nature of the Tenga Eggs makes them easily affordable for a test drive before committing to one of Tenga’s reusable products.

Find out how it looks, feels, and rates below the jump.

The Tenga egg comes as pictured above: in a small plastic eggshell (they’re particularly adorable in 6-packs, where they come in a small transparent egg carton) that has a line-drawing representing the texture on the interior of the toy.  (The play tested egg for this review was the graph-paper-resembling and unfortunately-named “Spider;” this is a good time to note for sex toy developers that I would rather not have my toy bring frightening eight-legged creatures to mind, for future reference.)  When you peel off the wrapping and open the shell (no cracking on the counter required), you will find a toy that… well, looks like an egg made out of white, wiggly silicone-like material that becomes more transparent when stretched.  Inside the egg is a cardboard tube that holds a small packet of thick-ish water-based lubricant that is more than adequate for a single session of pleasure.

The egg is unique compared to many other male masturbation aids.  In my experience, most sleeve-toys for men tend to function by having a small, incredibly flexible space that works largely by its virtue of being as snug as possible.  This both creates a feeling of tightness and often a sort of vacuum-like suction.  While this clearly is enjoyable and works its magic on many a man, it can leave one feeling a bit claustrophic, and can be overwhelming if one is particularly sensitive (especially in those few hypersensitive moments directly after climax).

The Tenga egg, in comparison, doesn’t add any extra gripping strength or suction.  Instead, it focuses on making your usual stroking into a more slick and warm experience.  The egg is incredibly squishy and stretchy–size should not be an issue except for the most well-endowed users.  Depending on how tight it is pulled, the egg’s skin can be only slightly thicker than a condom, or a soft, pillowy layer that masks the feeling of one’s hand.  It seemed to warm during use, making it into a more fleshy-feeling experience as its use continued.

The egg’s sensations are more subtle than the tighter, more “quick and dirty” sort of sleeves that seem to predominate the men’s toy market.  Without making its own tight grip or suction, the egg provides a warm, wet sensation to one’s usual play that encourages one to slow down and enjoy the more luxurious feeling it provides. The texture inside seems to be barely noticeable; however, the Spider looks like one of the more bland textures, and the others may provide more interesting sensations.   Overall, the egg is a bit of decadent experience, made for a nice evening of seducing oneself and stretching out one’s pleasure.  (As a side note, the egg would be great for play with a partner, both because it would add a new, delicious layer to a partner’s touch, and also because the sight of the egg being used is surprisingly erotic.)

As an added bonus, cleanup with the disposable eggs is a breeze, as most of the lube and (ahem) other fluids will be contained in the egg, which can be put back into its shell before being thrown out.  This and its discrete shape would make the Tenga egg an ideal toy to bring with one when traveling, although airline passengers may need to open the egg and remove the lube packet to satisfy TSA safety regulations.

In terms of those who may have difficulty with hand mobility or strength, the Tenga egg unfortunately won’t be as helpful as some other toys; since it doesn’t create its own firm grip or suction, it relies upon the gripping strength of the user.  This means that those who are unable to use their hands for usually stroking purposes won’t be able to get the full experience of the Tenga egg.  But, since there are no buttons or switches to mess around with, the egg doesn’t require any more precise finger motions than stroking motions.

Other considerations are the fact that Tenga eggs are disposable toys, and at around $7 per egg, their price can add up quickly with regular use.  So you might want to save them for more “special occasions,” or use them as a Tenga test-drive before moving on to some of the company’s reusable products.  The material seemed strong, though, and it’s possible that by rinsing out an egg, one can get two or three uses out of a single egg (though the material will probably become warped and less usable as that number grows).  Some brief researching didn’t turn up anything either way on the environmental impact of TPEs, so this reviewer is unsure how much environmental guilt one should attribute to these disposable toys.

In the end, the Tenga eggs seem like a great once-in-awhile treat that encourage slower, more sensual solo play and provide quick and easy clean-up for the onanist on the go.  They are highly recommended, and this reviewer will be keeping an eye out for other, more high-end Tenga products in the future.

Geekle, thanks so much for your review of the Tenga Egg! We look forward to seeing more reviews from you in the future.

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