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Kink Interview: Nick’s Foot Fetish

November 17, 2009

Nick Adores Sexy Toes

Nick is Camera Shy, So My Toes Will Have To Do!

This week I’m pleased to introduce Nick, who is our newest foot fetishist to be interviewed here on Exploring Intimacy!  Nick likes to think outside the box, so his interview is in the form of a story with no questions in between.  This normal ‘guy next door’ describes how he first found his love of luscious toes and feet, and other kinky experiences he has enjoyed since.  Keep reading to learn more about the kinky side of Nick!

I’m Nick and I am currently living on the East Coast. I am a married man, early 40s, with two kids and a career. Your regular neighbor who you would not suspect has a kinky side. I started exploring some kink interests in my 30s. It all started with an affair with a glorious woman.

She was married to a friend and he was the busy type, so I ended up spending some good time with her and the attraction built until we traveled together and she ended up in the back seat of my car with her toddler. It was a long trip and she put her feet between the seats. I casually started massaging them and found myself removing her shoes and rubbing them for miles. That really turned her on and she couldn’t help it. We started a torrid affair after that and our love making usually involved me penetrating her while sucking her toes. It was so erotic to her that it became a huge thing for me too. She also introduced me to anal sex by letting me have her that way and also introducing her finger in me as well. I enjoyed it and she repeated that often, usually making me cum really hard in her mouth (something the spouse never did). Well, we were both married and the notion of how much I wish our spouses would just “let me have her” became a fantasy of mine. I imagined a swap and our spouses fucking too, which would greatly alleviate my guilt. From there to dreams of orgies and even an arrangement where he could fuck me if he let me have his wife…it was all in the cards.

Unfortunately, they moved overseas and I lost her, but the kinky fantasies persisted. I wanted to live those fantasies and that led to a few isolated and short-lived experiences. I served a mistress in bondage. It was really great, as she dressed me as a woman, paraded me in a dungeon before tying me up, flogging me and playing with my ass and cock until she pulled me to a dark corner and made me cum inside her. I met a guy who wanted to turn me into a woman. He put make up on me, sexy female clothes, wig, etc. Then he took a few pics and fucked me good. I met a young woman to just worship her feet. She met me in a van and rubbed her feet on my face while I jerked off without being allowed to touch her.

It has been years since those experiences and I have not had many opportunities to indulge my kinky side recently. I do not have anyone to talk about this and when I found FetLife it was nice to see others are just as devious as I am. I see many couples where both are kinky and that would be a dream for me. I rarely get to lick my spouse’s feet when making love (she complains it is a distraction) and I can only stare at the beautiful feet I see in public. I just took a new job that gets me traveling to California all the time. I am hoping to meet other kinksters there. Who knows, maybe there are strong women there looking for a man who is not afraid to submit to them and their beautiful toes…lol.


Thank you so much for your interview, Nick!  Depending on where in the state you’re headed, California just may be everything you’re hoping for.  I hope you come back again to tell us about how things develop!

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. November 17, 2009 7:03 pm

    Nick! Hope we meet on Fetlife . . . toes can be so erogenous and F U N!

  2. November 18, 2009 8:29 pm

    Lady HotchKiss, I think Nick would like that very much. 😉 That would make him one lucky man!

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