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Gay and Lesbian Video Game Sex in Dragon Age: Origins

November 10, 2009

You’ve likely seen the bloody, macho promos with smooth graphics for Dragon Age: Origins on TV, and heard the saucy tag line of “Not Every Hero is Pure.” But, just what is this popular new video game doing that you probably won’t see on the television commercials? Dragon Age: Origins is seducing audiences in a fresher, sexier way than its competition by including luscious, highly suggestive imagery of gay and lesbian elven sex scenes.

While past popular video games have included sexual violence in order to gain popularity, maker Bioware is going in a different direction. Both the female on female and the male on male elf sex scenes contain a romantic collection of brief clips, with opportunities for limited conversation about the interludes. Far be it from me to search for deep meaning in video games, but the progressive eye candy does strike me as a creative way to normalize nonviolent queer sex for gamers of every generation.

Watch video clips of the gay and lesbian sex scenes from Dragon Age: Origins here and here.

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