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Sex Store Review – Good Vibes (Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA)

October 30, 2009

Good Vibes - Fantastic Sex Shopping in San Francisco

Good Vibes is the first adult store from which I ever made an online purchase – way back during my time in New York. It changed my life, because the atmosphere of their website encouraged me to learn about what I was buying, as well as myself, without shame.

When I finally found myself in San Francisco I knew I must make the pilgrimage in person and I was not disappointed. What a fantastic store! I know good vibes was recently acquired by a larger company, but rest assured that the independent, feminist, service-oriented spirit is very much alive.

I walked into this store and was immediately greeted by their inspiring and entertaining selection of antique vibrators. As a proud owner of an early 1900s vibe myself, I was thrilled to see her sisters on display here. As one might expect, this excellent store sells a variety of toys for all genders and sexualities, as well as some uniquely tasty BDSM gear and plenty of books, condoms and lubes. Toys are usually on display, so you can check them out, and the lay out of the store is comfortable and easy to navigate.

Let me take a moment to compliment the staff, who are all far more trained and approachable than those are your typical (smuttier) store. As a professional sex educator, my questions tend to be picky and unusual. I was thrilled that staff were able to advise me on their items without hesitation, in spite of my detail-oriented needs. I left feeling well educated about the products that I was interested in, and confident that I could call later, if needed.

I should also mention that they have an art gallery space in the back are easily accessible by bus.

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