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Erotica Book Review: Whipped – 20 Erotic Stories of Female Dominance. Edited by Carol Queen

October 29, 2009
Whipped by Carol Queen

Whipped: 20 Erotic Stories of Female Dominance, edited by Carol Queen

Whipped, edited by Carol Queen, has renewed my faith in FemDom of erotic fiction! This book features a series of short and steamy stories in which women seduce and dominate a range of partners, for personal and perhaps even financial pleasure.

After my late teens I slowly stopped reading erotic fiction, mostly because it tends to stop being erotic after a while. I’m particularly hesitant to pick up books featuring sexually dominant women, as they tend to surprise me with a twist ending in which she decides she really prefers to submit to a rude and power-hungry male lover. Exit To Eden, I’m looking at you when I say that.

Whipped, however, brings the genre back where it belongs with a firm spank to lesser offerings. Each story is delightfully different from the others, representing diverse genders and sexualities, so some will raise your temperature while others just raise your eyebrows. Either way, I was kept wide awake on my flight back from San Francisco, which is one of the few times it is appropriate to read a book like this in a cramped public space. After all, the woman squished in next to me was reading a guide to one night stands and the fellow across the aisle was discussing his attempts to sew his own g-string. I fit right in prepping for this book review!

This book is also advertised with a DVD of the documentary “Whipped”. This video shows the lives of several professional and private female dominants as they work with whips and maintain their relationships. It’s a very interesting video, and would particularly well suited for those who are curious about what it is to be a professional dominatrix. Sad to say, I did not feel hopeful for any of the main characters or their relationships at the end of the video. While I would prefer to see some more successful experiences of lifestyle domination, perhaps this is a realistic depiction of the difficulties of confronting our society’s preference for women who are submissive in all areas of life.

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