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Playtesting the Lovemoiselle Cecile: A Sensual Art Vibe

July 6, 2009

Sensual Art - the Cecile by Lovemoiselle

Sensual Art - the Cecile by Lovemoiselle

  • Toy: Cecile
  • Type: premium battery powered vibrator (2 AAAs)
  • Manufacturer: Lovemoiselle
  • Material:  Ceramic
  • Cost: approx $100
  • SMT rating: 1 (on high), vibrations are not terribly strong but they carry very well due to the ceramic body

Cecile is a delightful, artistic vibrator designed to please its owner’s senses of touch and sight with its smooth, undulating body and light-to-moderate vibrations.  Those who love sensation play will adore this vibe, as will those seeking a lightweight, very firm toy with far more style than her hard plastic sisters.  The unique sensation of the ceramic is extremely smooth and offers added depth to the transmission of the vibrations.  With its single, well-placed button, control is easy.  This toy is best suited to those who enjoy a perfectly texture-free surface, light to moderate vibrations, a firm phallus, and one that widens gradually toward the base.  And, of course, for those who are ready to be visually seduced.

Continue reading for all of the details of the Cecile’s playtest.

Lovely packaging of the Cecile by Lovemoiselle

Lovely packaging of the Cecile by Lovemoiselle

I adore the new trend of beautiful, artistic vibrators and Lovemoiselle’s Cecile takes this to a new height with their line of gorgeous ceramic dildos and vibrators.  Ceramic offers a perfectly smooth, shiny surface that is light weight and quickly takes on the temperature of its surroundings.  These qualities make ceramic a perfect material for sensation enthusiasts.

Before seeing Cecile herself, the purchaser is greeted by beautiful packaging with an artistic black box and accompanying black velvet bag.  Open her box, and you will find that Cecile’s surface tempts the fingers to linger with her delightfully smooth and naturally cool touch.  Once grasped in the hand, it is surprising how light weight she is while remaining firm.  The Cecile is perfect for dipping in cool or warm water, then running playfully along your partner’s body (or your own).  Later, you’ll discover her enticing ability to reflect the body’s natural heat, too.

Cecile is operated with a single button that is located slightly to the side of the base of the toy.  While it is easy to push, there were no problems with setting it off on accident.  A single push turns it on and moves through the six settings, or turns the toy off by holding the button down.  My only concern with the operation is that it took a very firm twist to tighten the battery cap, and at first I feared it was broken because I had not tightened it enough.  There are two levels of vibration, and while the highest one is not terribly strong, the ceramic does transmit the vibrations surprisingly well. Those seeking a very strong buzz will not, however, get their needs met.

While the battery cover takes a little extra oomph to close, the button can be operated with a fingertip, knuckle or by tapping it gently on the headboard.  The body is light and perfectly smooth.  All of this makes it a wise choice (once the batteries are in)  for those with hand strength concerns.  Women seeking a texture-free toy that is very gentle to the vaginal tissues will also cherish Lovemoiselle’s ceramic line and light-to-moderate vibrations.  Even those with thin or very little natural lubrication should do well with this line without artificial lube.

Lovemoiselle’s Cecile ceramic vibrator makes a lovely, sensual gift for a partner or yourself.  The packaging and product design is absolutely beautiful, and it is a pleasure to use.  Its ability to change temperature, smooth ceramic body, and the juxtaposition between firm and light-weight qualities offer a highly enjoyable opportunity to explore many sensations throughout foreplay and beyond.

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