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Playtesting the Womolia: The Best of the Best

June 29, 2009


The Womalia - Best of the Best

The Womalia - Best of the Best

  • Toy: Womolia
  • Type: premium rechargeable vibrator with 3 speeds spread over 9 settings… and it also heats
  • Manufacturer: Emotional Bliss
  • Material:  Hard plastic, with silver ions that make it anti-bacterial
  • Cost: $99.95
  • SMT rating: 0-2, depending on setting

Sound the trumpets and wave the flags, because this is a day I never thought would come.  

For the first time in six years, I am proud to announce a new favorite toy.  Yes, my friends, the amazing Hitachi Magic Wand must now yield its cherished seat of honor to the Womolia.  

Womolia's Shapely Side View

Womolia's Shapely Side View

Last week I was thrilled to receive my very own Womolia in the mail, courtesy of Emotional Bliss.  She arrived in a lovely, welcoming blue box, along with her charger, a bottle of silicone lube, and a guide with information on all four EB products.  After running my fingers over her smooth body and subtly textured tip, noticing her light weight and substantial proportions, I rushed to plug her in for the initial 12 hours of charging.  I then settled in to flip through her book.  It turns out that she was designed by an experienced sex therapist who was seeking to create something original for women who were not satisfied with the vibes already on the market.  The result is an original shape, perfect for innie and outtie stimulation, as well as an impressive range of settings that make the most of all three speeds.  Don’t let me forget to mention that the plastic uses silver ion technology that allows it to be sanitized with water.  Perhaps even better, the Womolia is self-heating.  The higher the vibrations, the higher the heat setting.  And let me tell you, even during the hot summer months down here in Georgia, that heating function is delightful beyond words.

What makes Womolia so amazing?  It’s the combination of high quality characteristics: power, setting variety, shape, and heat.  Yes, the silver ions are amazing, too, but that’s something you appreciate afterward instead of during.  Plus I wrote about it earlier, so be sure to check out that entry.

Power: The engine on this beauty offers settings at 80, 120 and 150Hz.  In non-Hz language, it thrums seductively, then it curls the toes, and finally it sweeps you off your feet. It lasts for an awesome 90-240 minutes per charge.   Even for all of that power, it runs much more quietly than a Hitachi Magic Wand, which must also stay plugged into the wall.  Furthermore, even at the highest setting it will not leave your arm numb like the Wand.

Settings: The three power levels above correlate to three intensities of vibration. Each setting is available in regular (solid-on) and pulsing, plus there are 3 different patterns for a total of nine options.  That sure beats the Wand with its two noble settings: high and low.

Controls and Textured Tip

Controls and Textured Tip

Shape: The Womolia is stout enough to be comfortable in the hand, with easy to use buttons at the base.  The power button is separate from the + and – buttons, so she can be easily turned off (or on).  For those with finger and hand difficulties, you will be pleased by her thickness. Her buttons can also be pushed with a knuckle.  The vibrations are clearly felt at the tip, which offers a textured surface with a little grab, specifically for stimulating the clitoris.  However, once you’re ready, she can also be inserted to stimulate the entrance of the vagina and the G Spot, if you like.  You can also keep her as an outtie, it’s up to you.  This is not a thrusting or deep penetration toy as an innie – it’s more suited to a slow seductive dance with your G-Spot than a rough fling.  Unlike toys with a hook-like shape for G spot stimulation, this one is comfortable to tense around and finds the right spot on her own.  The Hitachi Magic Wand is made for a quick, extremely intense orgasm.  The Womolia is capable of the same thing, but is also dynamic enough to be seductive and give a great warm up first.

Heat: I was curious about the heating function, as I had never seen a toy that heats before.  It takes a few minutes for it to warm, and it gets warmer the higher it is turned up.  Look, I don’t give play-by-play or graphic details of my testing exploits so let me just be blunt with you.  The heating function is intensely and amazingly orgasmic.  Just trust me; you will love it.

The Womalia is a beautifully designed innovation in sexuality toys at every turn.  In fact, I have no negatives or concerns to list.  It can be used with water or silicone based lube.  It works as an innie, outtie and G-Spotting toy.  The range of settings is suitable for light touches, moderates and intensity junkies.  The controls work well, it is rechargeable, sanitizes and it is perfectly shaped.  Plus… it heats.  Oh does it ever heat up…  

I will not hesitate to suggest this vibe to my clients.  This product is marketed to women who have never owned a vibe, and the booklet gives helpful tips for novices seeking to find their first orgasms. She is just as pleasing to professional vibe testers.   The Womolia by Emotional Bliss is worth every penny and epitomizes what a premium vibrator should be.

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