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The Seductive Power of Corsetry – An Interview with Ms.Martha

June 23, 2009


One of Ms.Marthas Beautiful Creations

One of Ms.Martha's Beautiful Creations

Ms. Martha is a well known and highly respected expert with a passion for dressing ladies and gentlemen in only the finest corsets.  I first met Ms.Martha at an event in Atlanta several years ago, when I purchased my first high quality corset from her and she taught me all about how to wear and care for it.  It is an honor to be able to share her thoughts and knowledge with you in this week’s kink interview on the art and power of corsets!  Continue on to read more and see several of her gorgeous creations and their lovely models.


Ms.Marthas Wonder Woman Corset

Ms.Martha's Wonder Woman Corset



Ms. Martha, please tell us what your kink is. 

Corsetry, I love the way it makes me feel on many different levels.  I also love the way my corsets make other women and men feel about themselves and the way they look and feel when they wear them.
How common do you think your kink is?

Very common in several of the alternative lifestyles (kink, fetish, bdsm, etc.) and it’s also moving into the vanilla fashion industry.

Does your kink, or people who participate in it, have any catchy titles? 

Not really… A corset is a corset

How did you become interested in this kink?

I started wearing them 25 years ago when my first submissive bought me one.  The price was way too dear for me on my own at the time.

How did you come to start your own business in this area?

Honestly, I was at a point in my professional life where I had met my goals but was not at all happy to get up in the morning to greet each professional day ahead of me.  This was disconcerting for me.  I had spent a lot of time and personal sacrifice to obtain my education as a single Mother. I did not want to have wasted those years that could have been spent at the beach with my daughters.  I became so unhappy that I chose to take some time off.  I went down to Costa Rica and looked at a mountain for 3 months.   I did my very best to let the universe give me an answer.  I am a controlling person. I had not done such a great job myself.  I started brainstorming and had several lists going about what I was passionate about, What made me happy, Who made me happy, Where was I the happiest.  Corsetry appeared on almost every list. OK so now what?  I have to make a living.  I never worked in retail, I never worked in manufacturing and I certainly never imported anything.  I knew a tad bit about the construction of a good corset but had never made one. One thing I knew for sure was that if I could get a good quality corset made for a decent price I would be able to sell it.  I also wanted people within my own community to dress up more.  I thought that if I gave them an affordable option they would feed my dress-up fetish.  I set about teaching myself how.

Ms. Martha, that is an inspiring story!  What are your favorite parts of running your company?

Ms.Marthas Corsetvest

Ms.Martha's Corsetvest



Everything is new and fresh from a business stand point.  Stretching me professionally at this stage in my life has made every day a joy.  tofer (my boy [submissive partner] of 13 years) has been right there with me doing the heavy lifting.  He promoted himself to HEAD LACERERERER.  I love not having employees yet.  The part I would do for free:  I put curves on ladies. I do not allow my ladies or gentlemen to see themselves in the mirror until I have them all laced in.  I then lead them by the hand over to the mirror.  The look of joy, pride, self worth, and often tears of joy literally gives me chills.
That look is priceless.

I remember putting myself in your capable hands sooner after you started your business, and I can attest to your magic!  I also learned a lot about the proper way to wear and care for a corset. What are somethings you really wish more people knew about corsetry?

Get fitted properly.  It is not about size, it is about fit.  A corset that fits well will not poke, pinch, bind or ride up.


That is certainly good advice!  Before I met you I had owned a couple of ill fitting corsets with metal bones and they dug in and left me feeling immobile.  I had also tried the cheap kind with plastic bones,  only to have them gape and sometimes even flip up when I sat down.  Yikes!  Thank goodness we have you to show us how to pick out the right one and wear it well. 

 Do you incorporate your kink into your sexual experiences?

YES, when I put on my corset I put on my attitude.  I get off on the way I am treated, the way men and women react to me, the stairs, and the people falling to their knees at events…. Yes all that works to make me feel powerful and that is reflected in my feeling of Dominance.  Being different (very Victorian) allowed me to roll play my way to life as it is today. 

Is there anything you have to be particularly careful with about with this kink?

I am careful to assist people that are serious waist trainers by making sure they work with someone that shares their kink.  I am designing corsets for people that want to look and feel fantastic.  Real corset training should be left to those that are better able to assist with custom corsetry. 

What really works for you about this kink, what aspects turn you on?  

POWER for me.  I love the way people react to my sense of style.  I also love to assist other men and women in reaching their goals.  My ego is HUGE. One of my favorite things to do after a long day in my Vendors booth at a BDSM event is to find a comfortable place to view all the different looks my customers have achieved with my beauties.  I love to see the smiles, the attitude and the radiance that comes from owning something they know is beautiful. I have also made fast friends all over the country.  I vend at many different kinds of alt events. 


The Color Blocked Tulip Corset by Ms. Martha

The Color Blocked Tulip Corset by Ms. Martha

Would you please tell us a story or two about sexual experiences you’ve had
involving your kink?  


 We teach a technique at events and at private fittings… Corsetry is like a form of bondage.  I said earlier that when I get laced in I put on my attitude at the same time.  Well taking the corset off after 6 or 7 hours can be orgasmic if done properly.  There can be a knee buckling rush.  Stop by the booth and we will show you how. 

How do people react when you share your kink with them, if anyone knows? 

It depends.  Most people vanilla or in the lifestyle love the look. Leather or Silk. 

How do you go about finding partners that share your interest? 

LOL in a properly fitted corset partners find ME and my customers.  I teach my customers that they should not worry if they are unable to get into a corset on their own.  It really is a 2 person job for most of us… They should show up at their event very loose and scan the room for the person they want to spend time with and ask for assistance.  It works every time because it is a real conversation starter and it is also very tactile.

Ooh, I really like that answer!  Can you recommend any resources for people who want to learn more or might even share your kink? 

Learning the history of corsetry is interesting and recourse material can be found all over the net including my site.  Another of my favorite sites is the Long Island Straight Lacing Association. Your can find great erotic literature about severe waist training on this site. I can be reached at Ms or through my website.

Thank you so much, Ms. Martha!  

I would also like to add that Ms. Martha offers private fittings and corset consultation in her Atlanta area studio. She most certainly takes the time to educate every customer about their new garment, and will insure that you get the best one for you.  In fact, she insists on this high level of customer service, even when she is vending at a fetish event!  I’m proud to recommend her products and I encourage you to contact her and keep an eye out for her at events where she might vend.  Her delightful products are also available online, along with directions for getting a good fit.

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  1. June 24, 2009 3:38 pm

    I have also had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Martha. She is FAB and so are her corsets . . . I have one!

  2. October 23, 2009 5:01 am

    Loved the interview with Ms. Martha. Corsets are very sexy when worn under a sexy long PVC coat. They are also great when going to fetish clubs and parties, I recommend them to anyone looking to boost their sex life if this has flailed a little bit.

    Gaynor xxx

  3. Suzana permalink
    October 29, 2009 7:54 am

    Ms.Martha’s Corsetvest is the better one as you could wear that out on a party and look fully in place. The other are ideal for bedroom fun or swing partys thats for sure. She has some very nice corsets for some serious bondage. keep up the great work martha. x

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