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Hot + Clean = Emotional Bliss Vibes

June 21, 2009


The Femblossom by Emotional Bliss - offers sensual heat and is antibacterial with water

The Femblossom by Emotional Bliss - offers sensual heat and is antibacterial with water



I got a neat product announcement from Emotional Bliss in my email this past week and thought I would share it with all of you.  Now keep in mind that I get a lot of product announcements in my snail-mail and email boxes, but this one stood out to because it was both unique and from a well-respected company.   They have recently introduced products that offer two fantastic features: they warm at the touch of a button and they are also created to be antibacterial when wiped with water!


Femblossom Heat from Emotional Bliss

Femblossom Heat from Emotional Bliss

The sensation of heat can be very sensual, but until now a hot vibe usually means your motor is in trouble.   Emotional Bliss is now offering the Femblossom Heat and Womolia Heat for those who want to warm things up in an intimate way.  They’re both uniquely designed items, and it shows that they came from the mind of an experienced sexuality expert who also happens to be female.  Basically, the Femblossom Heat is designed to be an outtie vibe that curves and cups over the vulva – a great place to apply warm vibrations.  The Womolia Heat is meant for more direct clitoral stimulation, and can also be inserted.  I will be reviewing a Womolia Heat as soon as the box arrives and will let you know what I think!


So what about this antibacterial claim?  I asked ’em and was informed that their vibes are the first to use silver ion technology for antibacterial purposes.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I was a bit skeptical; however, it turns out that there has been some recent research on adding silver ions to plastics and then testing it for antibacterial purposes.  I even found a study in which the silver ion treated plastics were exposed to lab-created bodily fluids and old bath water, and the results were quite promising.  While I couldn’t find a copy of the original source, I also found information suggesting that silver ions may be useful against viruses as well.  Don’t quote me on that one, but do let me know if you have any insights on the topic.  

Womolia Heat by Emotional Bliss

Womolia Heat by Emotional Bliss



Anyway, it seems that plastics with silver ions in them slowly release the ions when exposed to water.  The silver ions aren’t a happy thing for bacteria, and they trigger a reaction in single-celled bacteria (and possibly other single-celled things) that gets rid of them.  It doesn’t poison them or create a toxic leftover, it just inspires them to self destruct, making it a safe way to keep things clean of bacteria.  From what I read, it can last for quite a while, too.  I would suggest washing your antibacterial toy well, all the same.  However, I think many folks will be glad to know that wiping it down well with a wet washcloth will have a non-irritating and effective antibacterial effect.  I can only imagine how great this could be for folks who are very sensitive to soaps and other cleaning products!  

It’s exciting to see companies like Emotional Bliss that prioritize our health as well as our pleasure.  I will be sure to let all of you know what I think of the Womolia Heat as soon as it arrives!

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