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We-Vibe: 10 Sexy New Uses (and a review)

June 15, 2009


A We-Vibe in the hand actually isn't quite as good as 1 in the...

A We-Vibe in the hand actually isn't quite as good as 1 in the...

Toy: We-Vibe

Type: rechargeable, innie & outtie, vibrator (also includes case and charger)

Material: Silicone (medical grade)

Cost: about $130

Power: moderate, but with an SMT of 0.

Back during the last time I was single there was a period of several months when I declared a refillable travel mug to be my new partner.  His name was George, but I lovingly called him Mug-mug.  Mug-mug would give me cheap refills of hot coco from a local gourmet chocolate shop, thus providing warm and sensual comfort on demand while asking very little of me in return.  My ex even confessed that he was a little jealous of Mug-mug, adding to its attractiveness.  All he needed was a gentle hand washing and about $1 per refill, which is a remarkably good deal for constant, soothing companionship.  Mug-mug was a fantastic rebound partner and when I started to tire of him he graciously got lost, as a good rebound should.

If only the We-Vibe had been around I could have saved myself many trips to the chocolate shop and serveral thousand callories.  Actually, I would have probably tried to get the three of us together, but that’s completely besides the point!  I’m writing to review the We-Vibe, the perfect companion for female lovers of: books, blogging, porn, strapping it on, cowgirl sex, bondage bunnies, and lazily blissful erotic stimulation.  That should cover nearly everyone (with a vagina) that reads my stuff!  Keep reading for the review, and my list of 10 sexy ideas for your We-Vibe.

She's a flexible lover!

She's a flexible lover!

Most folks have heard of the We-Vibe by now.  It’s the pricey, rechargeable purple silicone doodaddy that is shaped like a C with a bloop on each end.  The smaller end fits inside the vagina, against the G spot, while the larger end rests on the clit.  It’s won awards and is generally much loved, except by some women of petite height and weight that don’t get a good fit from it.   Since it is well known, I will provide my brief review and then follow it up with a list of creative uses to convince you to get one of these lovelies for yourself or a favored vulva in your life.

The We-Vibes main claim to fame is as the first cordless innie/outtie vibrator made to be worn by a woman during vaginal penetration.  It was designed to stimulate both partners, especially during grinding-style sex instead of heavy thursting (cowgirl aka woman on top, is suggested).   Indeed, the insertable section is small enough to allow penetration by a moderately sized phallus, which buzzes him (or it, if it’s a toy) while pressing into the G spot to give her a strong buzz, too.

Good Stuff: The We-Vibe most certainly functions as a couple’s vibe, especially after a little practice and with some extra lube.  It even fits well for the big ladies, from what I’ve heard.  However, I’d say the best points are for leasurely solo enjoyment.  The We-Vibe rates a zero on the SMT scale, although it has a moderately strong buzz once it has been turned up.  That means that toy won’t shiver your timbers, but it will be stimulating.  For many users it will be plenty of power for an orgasm, for some who need very strong stimulation, it will be an amazing warm up act.  It’s a miracle for many in the disabled community, as long as one can get the tiny recharger plug in, because it only need be put in place in order to work.  I had solid luck with pushing the switch (which is embedded beneath the silicone) on and off by rubbing it on the top of a table or with a knuckle.  Once it is on and in, it does all of the work and may even help to keep a male partner hard during penetration since it will stimulate him, too. Lastly it comes in a cute sun glasses case for discreet storage.

Considerations: Read the above section for some possible concerns for those who have difficulty with precise finger movements or hand strength.  Also, it took a little time to gather the guts to shove the recharger’s end piece through the tiny hole in the silicone, as I felt that I was piercing the toy.  It’s ok, just do it after looking at the directions to find the right spot.  It also needs to charge a full 24 hours before playing.  Don’t leave the toy on top of the case, as it leaves a mark on the plastic case.  As mentioned above, tiny (height and weight) women sometimes have given it poor reviews for lack of fit.  Users who needs something high on the SMT scale will not find this vibe strong enough to finish ’em off. Oh yeah, and it costs a lot.

As promised, 10 creative, sexy uses for the We-Vibe:

  1. For those who wank while reading (pleasure or homework books..hey, it works) pop this lovely in and flip pages with both hands for a change.
  2. Get through that boring phone conference in good spirits.
  3. Wear while strapping it on to a partner, under the harness, so the giver gets extra pleasure.
  4. Wear it as the strap-on receiver, to viber her phallus against her body a bit.
  5. Turn the music up (to cover the buzz), slip into a chemise, climb on top, and surprise him.
  6. Combine with a nice dallop of lube to make her squirm while enjoying your rope work.
  7. Get a little more stimulation out of surfing your favorite sex blogs.
  8. Introduce vibes into your relationship as a low-pressure couple’s toy (just know you might need to practice penetration with it a few times) that doesn’t have an intimidating phallus to it.
  9. Make your morning stretches and pilates more fun.
  10. Give yourself a fantastic wake-up call!

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