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Spanking Interviews 3: Joe of

June 9, 2009


This week we’re joined by Joe, who keeps the theme squarely on spanking with his love of paddling a willing rear.  Joe is the creator of and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about the kink of spanking.  Check out his interview to learn more about him and check out his list of recommended resources for anyone interested in trying, or just watching, this kink!

Please tell us, what is your kink?

My primary kink is spanking. It’s a kink I have been into since I was an early teen.

How common do you think your kink is?

I think spanking is about as common in the bedroom these days as sheets on the bed. I’m willing to bet almost every couple out there has experimented with sensual spankings of some sort.

Does your kink, or people who participate in it, have any catchy titles?

Spankophile or spanko

How do you incorporate your kink into your sexual experiences?

The range here is very wide. I enjoy just straight spanking scenes with bottoms that never lead to sex. I have used it as foreplay to arouse a partner, and of course I have used it during intercourse with a partner (Who doesn’t like a nice little slap on the rump during doggy style?).

Is there anything you have to be particularly careful about with this kink? If so, how do you handle it?

Of course there are a few safety precautions that must be taken with this, as with any other kink. You want to make sure you never strike areas that can cause permanent or sever damage to your partner, such as the tailbone. Also, you must be ready to deal with some mental and emotional issues that may surface during a spanking play scene.

What really works for you about this kink, what aspects turn you on?

Personally, I like being in the position of control. Also, having a cute, bared bottom over your knee or bent over in front of you is often a very nice sight. For me, there is nothing better then the rush you get while spanking a subs bare bottom while they wiggle and squirm across your lap as their bottom turns a nice shade of red.

Would you please tell us a story or two about sexual experiences you’ve had involving your kink?

There are a few accounts of spanking experiences I have up on my blog. Though, I will share one that happened not too long ago. I had a submissive girl that I had been playing with off and on for a little over nine months. She sexually identified herself as a lesbian but could never really submit to another woman; she only enjoyed being spanked and toped by men. We were at her home one night and I had her over my knee for a maintenance spanking (she was often spanked to help keep her on task). I had spanked her for a good 10 minutes with my hand and a wooden hairbrush. After the spanking, we were sitting and talking and she had said that she really trusted me, enjoyed our time together and that I had reaffirmed her trust in men. She wanted to give me the honor of oral sex. She hadn’t given oral pleasure to a man in well over 4 years. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was great! And it all happened after building up trust from spanking sessions.

How do people react when you share your kink with them, if anyone knows?

People in the kink/fetish community don’t even bat an eye at it. Vanilla friends and other people I have told have only had one of two reactions: horror or intrigue. Those who show intrigue are often vanilla folks who have tried light spanking and role play that involved spanking in the bedroom.

How do you go about finding partners that share your interest?

Personals ads, Craigslist, play parties, fetish events, spanking community websites, Fetlife. The internet is so full of places and sites where people can get together, talk and meet in a safe, non-threatening environment.

Can you recommend any resources for people who want to learn more or might even share your kink? 

Instructional Books

  • The Complete Spanker – by Lady Green 
  • Domestic Discipline – by Jules Markham

For entertainment, I recommend

  • any book from Penny Birch or Rachel Kramer Bussel.
  • The True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy – by Peter Jones.

Websites (Not safe for work)

And there are many many blogs! [editor’s note – check out the list of interviewees’ blogs under “Fetish & Kink blogs” on the right]

Anything else you would like to add?

Spanking has been a fun and exciting kink for me and I have made a lot of new friends because of it. But I highly recommend that people do there homework before just diving in. Make sure you know the person you are playing with and limits are set. Other than that, just sit back and enjoy it!

Thanks so much for your interview, Joe!  I’m sure many Explorers will be checking out those books and websites.

You can reach Joe by email, at his blog, on myspace, and also by twitter @spankinresource.

Are you interested in being interviewed about your kinks or fetishes?  Drop me an email and you might be featured on an upcoming Twisted Tuesday!

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