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Play Testing the Glitz G-Spot

June 8, 2009

Reviews will now be called “Play Testing,” thanks to the suggestion of my LDS friend B.  B and the rest our gaming group took a break from one of our board & card game parties (you know you’re secretly jealous) to inspect a couple of review vibes.  Let me tell you, gamers and sex toys are a winning combination!  The video of us checking out the NaughtiNano will be up soon.

Feminine & Mighty - The Glitz G-Spot

Feminine & Mighty - The Glitz G-Spot

  • Toy: Glitz G-Spot (in pink)
  • Type: 3 speed vibrator, waterproof
  • Manufacturer: PipeDream
  • Material:  unlisted, but does specify that it is free of phthalates (yay!)
  • Cost: about $20
  • SMT rating: 1-2, depending on setting

I’m happy to announce that has invited me to join their review team, and so you’ll be seeing a fresh write up of one of their toys every month.  This month they sent over a lovely, glittery pink Glitz G-Spot 3 speed vibe to review.  Believe me, it was a pleasure to help them out! The Glitz G-Spot is a feminine and mighty little toy, with easy controls.  It would make an excellent purchase for women (or couples that include at least 1 female partner) seeking an affordable, quiet, dynamic little toy.  I would be likely to recommend it to for a first-time vibe purchase, too.  Read all of the details after the jump!

Squishy outside over a firm inside.  And you can see through it, which I love!  Notice the placement of the motor; it's near the tip.

Squishy outside over a firm inside. And you can see through it, which I love! Notice the placement of the motor; it's near the tip.

Description: The Glitz G-Spot is a modestly sized and visually appealing waterproof vibe that runs on 2 AAA batteries.  I would usually call this shape an “innie,” as it is clearly designed for G-spot stimulation, but the texture and build of this model also lend it to “outtie” use on the clitoris and the rest of the vulva.  It’s basically a thin, hard, clear plastic vibe with a glittery jelly-like (but phthalates-free) layer over the top and a push button on the bottom.  The end has a soft, protruding nub meant to stimulate the G-spot with extra pressure while the shaft is covered in squishy bloops for texture.

Pipedream did something very right when they made this vibe.  They put the motor near the tip, instead of in the base.

This means that the vibrations from this toy travel the length of the shaft well, and ensures that the bloop at the tip vibrates nicely.  Our friend the bloop thus becomes a pal to both the G-spot and the clit, depending on how you want to use the toy.  It also helps to give the toy a lot of power, especially for two little batteries.  On level 1 it offers a nice steady warm-up level of power, while level 2 rumbles strongly enough to yield an SMT rating of 1.   The highest setting is quite strong, though amazingly quiet, with an SMT of 2.  In other words, you can really feel this vibe!  My male friend K held it in his hands and promptly declared that if it were a butt toy (it’s not because the base isn’t flared) he would probably not be able to handle the highest setting.

Good Things: It’s tough to start with my favorite quality about this toy, as it really is a good general-use little buzzer.  Those who seek some soft texture but don’t care for rough or intense exteriors will enjoy the design of this toy.  While the outside is soft, the firm core keeps it satisfying and allows the vibe to maintain a strong intensity.  The controls are wonderfully easy to use.  Simply push the button on the bottom to turn it up one level at a time, and then to turn it off after the highest setting.  The button takes moderate effort, so you’re unlikely to bump up (or off) the power on accident while enjoying the toy.  It’s also set into the slightly concave bottom of the toy so that it cannot be easily knocked on in your toy bag.  Still, it’s best to remove the batteries on all vibes when you’re done with them.  Last, but not least, the vibe is not just splash-proof, but is fully waterproof.  That means you can take it right into the bath with you, and that it is also easy to wash with soap and water. Lastly, the bloop is large enough to be effective as a G-spot stimulator without being so large or firm as to make things uncomfortable if used as a thrusting toy.

Love it!

Love it!

Special Considerations: The soft external layer of this toy does not glide smoothly over the skin unless it is wet, so make sure her lady parts are ready and keep some lube on hand.  It won’t work on the outside of his penis or anyone’s thighs without lots of lube, so it’s not good for teasing dry areas of the body.  It’s not a huge toy, so people who want to feel very full will not find it satisfying.  Lastly, although it was very quiet during our reviews, it is typical for these types of vibes to begin to rattle as they age.  This one did have a slight rattle if held at a very specific angle, so it might develop more noise over time.  If it does I will update the review accordingly.

Those who have particularly low hand/finger strength may struggle to push the button, and it cannot be turned on by holding the shaft and hitting the bottom against a flat surface. Moderate hand strength and grip are also necessary for unscrewing the bottom and replacing the batteries, as is generally the case with vibes that use disposable batteries.

Many thanks to for sending me the Glitz G-Spot to review!  I am not paid for this review, and has happily agreed to provide it in exchange for an honest review – so you can trust that I’m always giving you my honest thoughts.

Check out all of the toys that have been Play Tested here on

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  1. June 8, 2009 7:43 am

    […] Play Testing the Glitz G-Spot […]
    OH! You’re my new favorite blogger fyi

  2. Dana permalink
    December 25, 2009 11:52 pm

    I just bought this a few days ago, and it’s amazing. I’m a little worried about your mention of rattling; mine’s been pretty quiet, and I hope it stays that way.

    One thing you didn’t mention in your review is that the cap to the battery compartment locks in place and can’t really be accidentally unscrewed, which I’ve found to be a very nice feature.


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