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Spanking Sarah: Interview with a Professional Fetish Model

June 2, 2009

The Lovely Sarah of

The Lovely Sarah of

Last week I spoke with Thomas about his love of spanking, and this week I’m following it up with a delightful set of interviews with two women who love to be spanked.  First up is Sarah, then we’ll hear from Julie!

Sarah is a breathtaking professional spanking model and the star of the very explicit (and NSFW) spanking fetish site  She also write a spanking blog that features nude and action stills from her various projects.  In today’s interview she tells us about how she came to love spanking and finally came to the decision to pursue it her relationships and as the focus of her professional life!  Keep reading after the jump to discover more.

Hi, Ruth!  Right, here goes with your questions.

Hi, Sarah!  Please tell us, what is your kink?

My kink (not that I see it as one) is that I really love to be spanked both as a form of pleasure as well as punishment.

How common do you think erotic spanking is?

I am not sure how common this is as I have only really admitted to myself quite recently that this is something that I love and need to be an integral part of my life.

Is there anything you have to be particularly careful about with this kink? If so, how do you handle it?

I think the biggest danger for girls who love to be spanked is that if they pick the wrong play partner, they could end up getting hurt.  I think you need to trust the person you are playing/working with completely.  Apart from that, I cannot see any dangers from spanking, unless you count the odd bruise.

How did you come to discover your attraction to spanking?

I have always fantasied about being spanked, I never was as a child and actually was quite envious of my friends who were.  I have been involved in quite a few unsuccesful relationships as I was always afraid to admit what I wanted and I found sex completely unfufilling.  A few boyfriends would playfully slap me but I always wanted more than they were prepared to give to me.  Last year I broke up with someone whom I did think was the love of my life and as I am not quite as young as I used to be, decided to take the plunge and do something about my secret fantasy.  But what, and how?  I was   loathed to meet up with someone I met on the internet and you obviously can’t ask on a first date whether the prospective beau would like to spank you!  I thought long and hard and decided I would try my hand so to speak at being a spanking model.  I have not looked back since.

Wow! What an exciting turn of events for you.  How has it been going?

I made my first film in Novemeber of last year and now have my own website,, and my blog and can honestly say I could not be happier.  I get all the spanking I need coupled with great sex action with both males and females.  My network of friends who have the same interests has increased and my confidence levels have gone sky high.  For once in my life I do not have to feel different or weird admitting what I love to do.  I am in no way ashamed of what I am but do not tell everyone, more to protect my family. My closest friends know and accept what I do.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Sarah!  I’m sure many explorers will be interested in checkin out both your professional erotic spanking site and your blog (both NSFW).  I’m sure we’ll be seeing even more of you around!

Check out part 2 of this week’s set of interviews with Julie’s thoughts on her love of being spanked.   Also, don’t forget Thomas’s interview from last week on his attraction to turning rears pink.  Back in February I interviewed the very sexy fetish model Sera Miles, who also loves to be spanked.

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  1. June 3, 2009 7:48 am

    Hey Ruth, refreshing to see an interview which actually does include all of my own words! thank you so much xx

    • June 3, 2009 11:29 am

      *laughs* Thanks, Sarah! I suppose that come from the fact that I’m trained to do interviews as a researcher instead of as a journalist or publicist. I really appreciate the opportunity to bring your own words to readers of this blog. Thank you!


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