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Toy Review: FunFactory’s Gallant (aka Galan)

May 31, 2009


FunFactorys Whisper-Quiet Gallant

FunFactory's Whisper-Quiet Gallant

Gallant aka Gallan

Toy Type: Vibrator (splash-proof, battery)

Material: Silicone

Maker: FunFactory

Cost:  $60 – $80, although I noticed it’s on sale at Babeland for $37 at the time of posting. 

Quick Summary: Whisper quiet, this is the perfect toy for those who need to sneak their fun while housemates or kids are on the other side of the door.  Texture works well as an innie or outtie.  The speed control wheel is easy to use, regardless of hand strength or dexterity, but the design of the battery compartment makes it difficult to open for all. 

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I prefer to review toys over $50 after I (or whoever reviews for me) have owned them for a while so that I can testify to their over all quality, as well as their desirability over time.  This particular Gallant has been around for a couple of years, but it came to mind recently after a friend asked for a suggestion for something as close to silent as possible.  To top it off, it’s on sale over at Babeland if you don’t mind deep blue instead of the current light blue and bright pink.

Pros: The Gallant, also called Galan, is another wonderful product from FunFactory.  FunFactory is a German company that produces whimsical, appealing toys that pack sturdy motors and friendly controls.  While no battery operated toy can compete with plug-in toys like the Hitachi Magic Wand, Gallant and other toys from this brand can be counted on for a pleasing and rich thrum.  Gallant offers an easily adjusted wheel that spins all the way around, so you could keep spinning to turn it off, that controls the intensity.  There are no pulsation settings on this phallus.  As noted, it is beautifully quiet and has not developed any sort of rattle even after all of this time.  Wonderful!  The texture of the toy is lovely in the hand, with smooth yet tantalizing silicone in lovely waves.  Those who find bumps to be over stimulating, yet want a little more than a smooth toy offers, may enjoy this.  It also works well as an outtie, thanks to the ripples.  The shape is pleasantly tapered and it’s moderate in size, making it a good general use toy and a nice one for couples with a female partner (or two) to use, even as a beginner’s couples toy.

Considerations: Generally a good toy and highly recommended.  However, lube or bodily secretions will catch in the valleys of the toy leaving a rather crusty look until it has been washed.  However, it is easy to wash as it is splash proof.  (Keep in mind that it is not meant to be submerged)  It may be too easy to accidentally turn the control wheel unintentionally, depending on how you use it.  Try the G2 line from FunFactory for less bumpable controls.  Those who prefer a very full feeling will not find it wide enough and may be frustrated with the tapered shape.  Not suitable for anal use, as it has no flared base.

Cons: The battery compartment is notoriously hard to open.  It’s best to remove the batteries when not in use, as the wheel is easy to bump on, but it’s just tricky to open it.  This guide from Babeland may help, or ask someone who knows to give you a demo.  Those with finger/hand strength or dexterity problems should not purchase this item unless they can receive help in exchanging the batteries when needed.  

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