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Sex Store Review – Sugar (Baltimore, MD)

May 11, 2009


Image from Sugar's website - there is more stock on the walls these days

Image from Sugar's website - there is more stock on the walls these days

Sugar is a fantastic little sexuality boutique in a fun and artsy area of Baltimore that boasts lesbian ownership and a staff of women and transpeople. This is a wonderful place for women, couples and transpeople to shopfor sexy goodies in a clean, fun, non-intimidating atmosphere. Even the bathroom is sparkling and safe!

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Located in a small retail space in a row of  basement shops, the door to Sugar opens into the parking lot instead of onto the street. Once you find it, walk on down the short hallway (where the unisex potty is found) and into the retail space to discover a wide range of sex toys and other tasteful sexy items ranging from sensually romantic to deliciously kinky. The woman working there was welcoming with a great sense of humor and the ability to balance helpfulness with respect for my shopping privacy.

Toys and other items are displayed on tables and shelves so that you can pick them up, turn them on, and giggle or ooh, as the case may be. Prices are appropriate. While the selection is not huge, they have the good stuff so it really is the only place you need to go unless you’re seeking cheap and crappy novelties. Dildos, vibes, strap on harnesses, scented candles, books, sexy games, butt toys, lubes, men’s masturbation toys, cute toy storage boxes, some leather/kink items and gifty items are all sold here.

The staff is clearly well trained on the products and willing to help. Local sex-related papers and other free publications are also available just inside the door. Well known and respected sex educators regularly appear for affordable workshops, to top it all off.

I had previously docked a star for a shortage of wanking (penis) toys for men, but it turns out that I just missed them while I was there. They do have a nice selection of high quality toys for boys, front and back, as well as C rings. They also feature wonderful offerings for bois (transmen) from packing to penetrative toys and harnesses!

It is also worth noting that on the day we visited one of our group had to leave quickly because the scented candles were giving her a headache. If you’re very scent-sensetive you may wish to call in advance to see if they still carry them. I mentioned it to the owner and she was immediately responsive and pledged to find an alternative way to create their sweet smelling ambiance. I will say that I am prone to migraines and had no trouble with the candles, myself.

I am thrilled to highly recommend a visit to Sugar, whether you’re a sex store vet or shy shopper looking for a little something-something. Those in our group who had never been to a sexuality boutique (vs. a truck stop smut shop) were impressed, and so was I. Not only would I shop here with friends and partners, but I will be sending my clients and attending workshops. Great job, Sugar!!

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