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Kink Interview – Dee’s Love of Long Hair (on guys)

January 28, 2009

My Socks Nearly Popped Off My Feet When I Found This Amazing Photo of Todays Interviewee - Dee!

My Socks Nearly Popped Off My Feet When I Found This Amazing Photo of Today's Interviewee - Dee!

Today we’re thrilled to have the lovely and curvaceous Dee, telling us about her love of men with long, sexy hair.  You may now Dee from her popular and sexy blog – if not, check it out.  It’s sure to be a favorite!  In addition to be an award winning blogger, she is also an official greeter at  Take special note, geeks, as Dee is a woman who knows how to appreciate your beautiful hair!  Read more after the jump…

Please tell us, what is your fetish?

In the strict definition, I don’t have any fetishes (ie: there is no thing or event that I must have present in order to be aroused). That said, I am attracted to and feel the appeal of many things. Among them are long hair on men, rope-play, and cutting. Because many kinksters play with rope and with extreme play – cutting, needles, etc. – I’ll focus instead on the slightly more esoteric – my attraction to long-haired men.
How common do you think your fetish is?

I don’t think it’s hugely common, although I’m sure that many people appreciate well-cared-for-hair.

Does your fetish, or people who participate in it, have any catchy titles?

Not that I’m aware of!

How do you incorporate your fetish into your sexual experiences?

I’ve had the pleasure of being in long-term relationships with two male-identified people who have long hair. One is my civil union partner, Apollo. There are many wonderful things to do with their hair – Apollo keeps his tied back 99% of the time, so having him shake it loose is a real turn-on for me! Running my fingers through smooth hair, or tangling it in curly/thick hair (especially while being pleasured orally) is amazing, as is the feel of their hair brushing against my skin.
Is there anything you have to be particularly careful about with this fetish? If so, how do you handle it?

*chuckles* Not everyone likes having their hair pulled – although nearly everyone enjoys having their hair brushed (although I only really have the knack with smooth hair), and fingers kneaded through it near the scalp.
What really works for you about this fetish, what aspects turn you on?

1: I love how it looks on men – while having long hair isn’t a guarantee I’ll be attracted to them, it certainly means I’ll take a second look. I have quite a few friends with long hair that I’m not attracted to sexually, although I still really appreciate them being around (basically, I perve at their heads) – and combined with facial hair also makes me really happy.
2: I love how it feels – tangled in my fingers, stroked by my palms, brushing against my skin.
3: I also love the implication – often men with longer hair are less concerned about public perception of them. Or are geeks (I love my geeks), musos, or something other than the stereotypical macho-man.
Would you please tell us a story or two about sexual experiences you’ve had involving your fetish?

As I said before, my beloved Apollo doesn’t often let his hair loose. It’s thick and curly, and expands around his head in a glorious tangle. Back before I started my blog – so over three years ago – we had a most excellent romp, and his hair was particularly excited and mussed afterwards.  When he sat up, the light from the window haloed through his hair, making him look like a sun god. And that how I came to call him Apollo!.
How do people react when you share your fetish with them, if anyone knows?

It’s no secret! Most of my friends know (especially the long-haired ones!), and it’s mentioned in all my social networking/dating profiles. No one has had an issue with it, so far as I am aware, although many are somewhat bemused.

How do you go about finding partners that share your interest?

Rather than sharing my interest, it’s finding partners who have what I am interested in. And loving and hanging out with geeks means I keep running into more on them. It’s fantastic!
Can you recommend any resources for people who want to learn more or might even share your fetish?

*blinks* I never really thought that there might be more people who think of it as a serious attraction. If so, it’s not a particularly vilified one, and while there’s no one-stop-shop for perving at pics of guys with long hair, google image search is your friend!  I have a folder of pics I find particularly attractive, and will get around to doing a blog post or three, one of these days …
Anything else you would like to add?

You didn’t ask how I came to have this attraction in the first place! I have theorised that it’s because my father used to have longer hair – although by the time I was old enough to pay any attention it was short. In photos pre-me, or when mum was pregnant, though, his hair was quite long. He also had a beard and moustache my whole life, and generally the two go together for me, although long hair without beard is fine, and so is beard without long hair.

Dee, Thank you so much for your unique and fun interview!  I’m sure geeky and nerdy guys around the world are drooling for the chance to feel you playing with their hair.  Although I’m a girl, I’m almost regretting have cut mine off!

Guys (and gals, and everyone else) be sure to read more about Dee at her award winning blog where she regularly posts hot pics, too!

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  1. February 9, 2009 5:05 pm

    I love long hair on men!

    Rarely have I even looked twice at a guy with short hair. I used to think most women felt the same, but it doesn’t seem to be so, at least not recently.

    Is this new?


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