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Tuesday’s Twisted Tuesday Kink Interview: Trampling and Ball Busting

December 30, 2008

Flow in Heaven

Flow in Heaven

This week I’m honored to bring you an interview with Flow, who tells us about his love of trampling and ball busting.  Just what is trampling and ball busting?  Flow says it best, especially through his graphic true stories!  As always, this isn’t a how-to, so sit back and enjoy his tales of toes and submission after the jump.

Please tell us, what is your fetish?

Trampling and Ball Busting

How common do you think your fetish is?

It isn’t really that common in most places, it is extremely hard to find, but it can be found, especially with professional Mistresses.

Does your fetish, or people who participate in it, have any catchy titles?

Well Ball Busting is known as (BB) or (CBT = cock and ball torture).  In case anyone doesn’t know ball busting is when someone kicks, punches, knees, elbows, squeeze, or step on a man’s balls.

How do you incorporate your fetish into your sexual experiences?

Well it isn’t intercourse at all!  When I have my balls busted the act itself is sensually sexy to me, visually stimulating but the sexual part or sexual act really isn’t present unless it is after the session.  I have been asked to masturbate after a ball busting session as the Mistress watched me pleasure myself.  If I was lucky she may masturbate me and the pleasure has always been in the soreness and aches that can last for hours or even seven days or more depending on the depth of the ball busting session.

Is there anything you have to be particularly careful about with this fetish? If so, how do you handle it?

Yes this fetish can be dangerous, one could have a ball burst, one could become sterile.  Personally I prefer a woman not to kick me with pointy toe shoes or boots.  They can puncture the testicle easily.  Second I play with a safe word which means at any time if I say this one word everything stops and the Mistress checks to make sure I am Ok.  I handle this by communicating to the one busting my balls, usually I use a red, yellow, green light system where red means stop, yellow means slow down or don’t increase the intensity and green means go for it!

What really works for you about this fetish, what aspects turn you on?

It is a turn on that a woman can render me helpless with one kick, that I can recover from that kick quickly in order to take one after the other.  Watching her, how her body moves, how her eyes dilate, her smile during this process is sensual.  How she looks standing over me while looking down at me.  The pain that I feel how it rises up into my stomach is a huge turn on.  The biggest turn on(s) are that her feet are touching me (Women’s feet are like temples to me) that they bring me pain and pleasure at the same time.  Finally the soreness that can last a few hours to an entire week, it constantly reminds me of her.  My mind during that time never forgets her and to me that is sexy.

Would you please tell us a story or two about sexual experiences you’ve had involving your fetish?

Recently I was missing having my balls busted since I am without a Mistress right now.  So I decided to see a Professional Mistress one I have never met before.  I talked allot of junk to her, because many Mistresses in my past couldn’t bust a man’s balls if they had a shovel for a foot. Well I didn’t realize who I was dealing with and she took it to heart.  She told me we will talk about this again after our session.  I should have known better because people who like to have action first before words are usually serious about what they do.  We met at a strip club on a Saturday afternoon.  She was a dancer there.  We had a drink and a short conversation first before going to the back where they had a sectioned off couch dancing area.  She was taller than me, and very beautiful.  Very sweet personality.  The first thing she did was take this all leather paddle and whale full force between my legs, I was sitting so I couldn’t fall down.  She did this a few times and it hurt!  Still I was able to take it, next she started giving me a couch dance, she turned around with her back to me and started rubbing against me.  I had a full erection by now.  She bent over leaning forward lifting herself off me and without notice she back kicked me right in the balls.  I saw stars and actually screamed it was the first time I ever screamed in a ball busting session.

She grabbed my face and whispered to me, “Learn to process my pain” and that simmered me down to only receive a hard knee to my balls.  When I recovered from that she was on her knees between my legs pretending to be giving me a blow job.  Her head went down and I didn’t see her bald up fist flying into my groin.  That hit made me roll off the couch onto the floor.  Next she walked around me and again without notice she stomped me between my legs which by far is the hardest I have ever been hit in my nuts, I cried.  I don’t mean cry like complain, I mean I cried with real tears.  She placed a ball gag in my mouth to help keep me quiet and the next ten or fifteen minutes was a never ending kick feast for her.  Even while covered up she managed to kick my balls somehow.

Afterwards we talked about it and she asked me if I thought she kicked like a little girl and I replied, “No you don’t, you’re the Queen of ball busting”  and it is true I have never had my balls busted that well by anyone in my life.  I was proud that I made it through though I was soar for an entire week!

Second Story:

The session was high heel torture and for some reason when the Mistress approached me about it I didn’t really hear the word “torture” I heard “high heel” and I instantly said, “yes!”  I was bond to the flogging station (thats what I call it) and she placed a chair over my legs and took a seat. My initial thoughts were “well she can’t do much while sitting down” At first it was very sensual, It was erotic and almost sexual. I was enjoying the intimate feelings, her warm smiles down to me, the view of her high heels on me.

Slowly I started to get sore from her pressing her heels and he soles of her shoes all over my cock and balls. She constantly pushed my erection back to my stomach while trampling it as often as possible. Soon after that I started winching as the shoes seemed to be very dry against my now irritated skin and her warm smile turned into an evil grin. It didn’t take long until I realized why she called it high heel torture. A light touch of her heel made me whimper, a softer touch of her soles made me grimace in pain and that when her wicked smile turned into laughter. At one point she stood up and she was a beautiful larger woman and she crushed me under her. The view of her standing on me, on my privates was amazing I reached a deeper level of submission and I was determined to take all the pain she dished out. She returned to her seat and her torture became harder as she had become very rough with her shoes.

By the end I was thinking of safe wording because I had reached subspace and then the torture lasted so long that I fell out of subspace and it was truly painful. Right when it reached that point of “Please Stop!” she leaned over and said to me, “Sorry hun, my legs are too tired to continue” When it was over I missed it and wanted to try it again.

How do people react when you share your fetish with them, if anyone knows?

Two coworkers know of my fetish and so do most of my friends.  The friends I have now accept me for who I am.  Some wonder why I am this way, some want to fix me as if I am a broken toy.

How do you go about finding partners that share your interest?

I usually use the internet and surf BDSM sites.  there are times I will turn to a professional Mistress if the need to satisfy this fetish is growing out of control.  It is hard to find as I said but on the internet you can find anything.

Can you recommend any resources, for people who want to learn more or might even share your fetish?

If you really want to know, if you really want to see a real ball busting session then visit , you can also visit and surf their message boards.  You can ask questions on this subject or any other BDSM topic there.  if you wish you can ask me,

Anything else you would like to add?

My ball busting and trampling fetishes started out as a regular foot fetish.  A fetish can grow into many deviations.  I have found that by embracing them instead of denying them I feel more fulfilled in life.

Thank you so much, Flow!  It is  a pleasure to read about smoe of your real life erotic experiences with trample and ball busting.  We hope to hear more from you in the future!

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