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‘Tis the Season for Love

December 24, 2008

A Lil Subway Lovin, Ho Ho Ho Style (Thanks Dlisted)

A Lil' Subway Lovin', Ho Ho Ho Style (Thanks Dlisted)

No no, it’s not a new season of your favorite trashy “reality” show.  It’s the time of snow in the north, mild temps in the south, and love all around!  Even Santas can’t resist the urge to share a little pleasure, and you know the guy next to them is actually smiling deep inside his cold heart.

If you’re in the USA, Canada or UK and alone this week, I’d like to give you a quick call to wish you all the best for the holidays and new year.  Email me your name (nickname is fine), start/province/country, phone number, and the holiday you celebrate, and I’ll give you a call this week sometime between 9-5 in your time zone.  ExploringIntimacy (at) gmail (dot) com will get it to me.  Please don’t leave your private info here on the blog.

Thanks to all of you for making this blog such a fun project for the past year.  I look forward to a new year with many new posts, and to continuing to meet some of you as I travel and do workshops.

Lastly, as many of you know, I’m working to wrap up my dissertation and am in need a few more people who are interested in being interviewed for a special project.  If you or someone you know lives in the south-east USA, fits the criteria below, and may want to leave more about an interview, please email me at the same address (exploringintimacy (at) gmail (dot) com) for more information.  My goal is to complete my interviews by early January.  I’m also doing Interviews in south/central Michigan until the end of the month.

Are you in a nonabusive, nonviolent relationship now, after leaving a physically or emotionally violent or abusive relationship in the past?
I’m Ruth Neustifter, a doctoral candidate at the University of Georgia.  I have worked with survivors of domestic violence for years, and am now doing a research project in this area.  I’m interested in how survivors of intimate partner violence (physical, verbal and emotional) make the transition out of the violent relationship, and into new relationships with a nonviolent partner.  My research project explores positive things about these survivors, and how they create and maintain their new, nonviolent relationships.  This study involves brief questionnaires, followed by interviews with these survivors. If you would like to learn more about this study, or to find out if you qualify to participate, leave a message for me at (706) 254-6794 with your name and phone number.  You may also visit for more information.  Please pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested in participating!

Pax et Amor!

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