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Store Review: Wild at Heart, Seattle

December 9, 2008

Wild At Heart - Kinky & Friendly All In One

Wild At Heart - Kinky & Friendly All In One

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Sex Shopping Review: Wild at Heart, Seattle

What a fun store!  We visited Wild at Heart the day after dropping by Babeland.  The woman at the front counter was helpful without being in our business, and the store is nicely laid out.  Unlike Babeland, most of the sex toys are still in the clamshell packaging, aside from the most premium toys, which are in glass cases.  Wild at Heart has a wider range of quality in toys, and while all looked pretty good it is easier to buy cheaper toys here.  They also sell some of the most expensive ones, though, so you’re covered (or uncovered).  The lingerie section IS cute and I was pleased with the three or more 4-sided racks of plus size lingerie.  The leather section is the kicker.  If you want a strap-on harness, get yourself to Babeland.  Babeland also has some nice floggers, but this place advanced toys that thud & sting.  As noted in a previous review, they sell quite a range of leather toys by local artists.  I’ve seen a lot of leather toys (note my interviews with members of fetish communities on my blog) but these were some of the loveliest I’ve laid my finger tips on.  Bondage and S&M are nicely represented.  We purchased “The Virginity Project”, a fantastic illustrated book (comic art) portraying qualitative/art interviews of peoples’ stories of their first experiences with intercourse.  The artist is a Seattle native – which is another high point of this store.  They sell a lot of Seattle erotic art here!

Wild at Heart is worth visiting, with a robust selection of DVDs, lingerie up to about a 3x, amazing artisan and beginner’s leather, and lots of great toys.  Local artists have an important place here, too, and the staff is great.  However, strap-on harnesses and toys-out-of-packaging are not so well represented here.  The changing room is VERY sexy!  I forgot to ask about bathrooms, I’m sorry.  It is only 3 blocks off the 15/18 Metro line, though!  You can also park in front of the adjoined sporting goods store and sneak in, if you’re the shy type.

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