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Flirty Friday Workshop 11/21: The Gift of Pleasure

November 21, 2008

Tis Better to Give AND Receive!

'Tis Better to Give AND Receive!

It’s time for this month’s Flirty Friday workshop already! Tonight I’ll be bringing deliciously explicit tips and tricks for pleasing your lover. Design your own book of sex coupons with the ideas from this workshop, and make plans to wrap yourself up in a bow for your lover! We’ll be focusing on lighting your partner’s fire with your lips, fingers, and even toys.

For those of you have attended my workshops already, you know that I’m all about your pleasure and this workshop will be no exception. Together, we’ll explore ways in which giving pleasure can lead to a healthy, happy return on that investment for you, too. Questions are always welcome, and workshops are built to respond to what you want to try in your own relationships (present or future). All women are welcome, so we will be talking about pleasing all genders. I can hardly wait!

A bit of a sneak preview of topics for tonight:

  • positions for giving the deepest “kisses”
  • vaginal exercises for increasing muscle tone and tightness
  • advanced tips for manual pleasuring
  • planning your own exotic peep show
  • using vibes and stimulating products on your partner, front and back

We’ll start at 7:30 sharp and wrap it up at 9:00pm on 11/21 at Aphrodite’s Toy Box. Cost is $25, with a discount available for students with ID. Reservations are required, so grab a friend and call up Aphrodite’s Toy Box right away at 404-292-9700.

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