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Free Sex Toys & Lube

November 1, 2008

WET is offering free lube samples, and Babeland is bringing us the toys!

WET is offering free lube samples, and Babeland is bringing us the toys!

While visiting a good friend earlier this month I found myself blurting out “Friends help each other have better orgasms!” Sure, I believe that, but it was first time I ever said it quite so bluntly and I even caught myself by surprise. That said, allow me to extend the branch of friendship to all of you and let you know about 2 great give-aways going on. Yes, there really are free sex toys (for men and women) and free lube ready for the taking! All the details are after the jump.

Free Sex Toys (NYC & Seattle)

Wonderful people of New York City & Seattle, and all those who can get there, hop on the train and get your butts to Toys in Babeland! Everyone who shows up with their voter’s registration card or ballot stub gets a free Babeland Silver Bullet vibrator or a Maverick Masturbation Sleeve. YAY! More info here. By the way, when I was at the Soho Babeland (in NYC) last month I also picked up a charming reusable shopping bag/tote with the Babeland logo for $1.50. Next time I get back there, if I bring my bag, I get 10% off. I did have my eye on their massage flogger last visit… and I’ll have to return since it isn’t online!

Free Lubes (USA)

WET brand lubricants have launched a new marketing campaign featuring a fancy MySpace page with lots of contests, surveys and give-aways. Stop by each day to try your luck on their Naughty Drawers game, enter for a book and lubes by taking their survey, or just sign up for sample packets. You can access all of this by friending them, or just by dropping by even if you don’t have a MySpace page. It’s an interesting site, and lives up to their goal of targeting het women and gay men. By the way, WET now offers an “all natural” version that is free of glycerine and parabens. I have yet to try it, and am curious to hear from anyone who has. Hopefully they’ll include some in my free samples. Click here for all the fun.

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