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World’s Fattest Man, Manuel Uribe, Is Engaged!

October 5, 2008
Claudia Solis & Manuel Uribe - To be Married 10/26/08

Claudia Solis & Manuel Uribe - To be Married 10/26/08

Manuel Uribe Gaza, formerly the world’s fattest man, and Claudia Solis are engaged! The date is set for the 26th of this month – so soon! Manuel, who is 43, topped out at around 1,235 lbs, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and has since lost 550+ pounds from diet and exercise. He actually turned down an offer for free gastric bypass surgery in order to do it the natural way, under medical supervision. How refreshing! It’s worth noting that he has very large growths on his legs due to plastic surgery gone wrong, which further inhibit his efforts to walk. Manuel has previously stated that he and Claudia are “already married in the eyes of God” and that they are sexually active. Last time I wrote about Manuel, he was saying that he wasn’t going to wed until he could stand next to his wife, but word is that he can’t leave his bed yet. Perhaps he has a surprise planned for all of us, or maybe true love couldn’t wait. Regardless, Exploring Intimacy wishes them a long and loving union!

Fox News article – here

Photos and an interview with Manuel, including about his love life – here

More from Exploring Intimacy about Manuel, plus resources for sexy fat folks – here

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