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Tuesday’s Twisted Fetish: Eye Licking (Oculingus)

September 23, 2008

Eye Licking - Sexy or Sickening?

Eye Licking - Slick 'n Sexy

Today’s twisted fetish: eyeball licking, oral-eye sex, or oculingus. Hey, why not? Eyes are sexy, tongues are sexy, it was only a matter of time and alcohol before folks started putting them together (and taking photos). Even the most recent issue of Playboy mentions a woman who orgasms from manual-ocular sex (eyeball hand job?). If you subscribe to them, you can log in and read about it here. While some folks have licked an eye in order to feel cool and say that they’ve done it, maybe even on youtube, others do so as a very intimate sexual act. What does an eyeball taste like? What makes licking one sexy? Are there any risks? All this and more info (and links) after the jump!

Eye balls are covered in naturally salty water used to keep them lubricated and clean, which also gives them a distinctively smooth and salty flavor. While the eyeball doesn’t feel in the same way that our fingers and tongue do, it can sense pressure and temperature, making eyeball licking an optimal form of stimulation. Pretty much everyone recognizes the eye as a vulnerable area of the body, making it an intimate area for some people. Where there is vulnerability and intimacy, you might just find eroticism! Some folks enjoy doing the licking, both for the sensation and for the ability to enjoy their partner’s vulnerability in this way. And for those who like to be licked, they find the situation as well as the physical stimulation to be highly enjoyable. This isn’t a universal erogenous zone, so many folks won’t get the attraction even if they try it.

Keep in mind that the eyeball is extremely delicate, and letting someone lick your eye means exposing it to scratchy particles in the mouth as well as bacteria and other infections. If you decide to try it anyway, use very light pressure and avoid licking the iris (colored part of the eye). The goal is NOT to lick all the moisture form your partner’s eye! Take breaks, keep the eye lubricated, and pay attention to your body’s signals. Oh, and tell us how you liked it.

We gave it a shot over here at the home lab, and found it funny yet awkward. After the mutual licking, which required much struggling and squealing, we stared at each other in strained silence until we finally realized we should go out for ice cream. That’s how we usually solve things around here, and it works well for getting the taste of eye off your tongue.

Brief oculingus erotic story – here

Odd story combining eye licking and finding Jesus – here

Graphic, NSFW, eye licking hentai panels from an Evangelion doujinshi – here

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  1. January 29, 2010 10:34 am

    I loved the post , I will come back absolutely! Mistress rules!

  2. March 1, 2010 8:08 pm

    No joke you know what you are talking about , thank you

  3. March 6, 2010 10:08 am

    Nice one , do you know a lot about BDSM 🙂 I ll bookmark you right now!

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