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Product Recommendation: Toilet Deodorizer Drops (sort of off topic)

September 21, 2008

It works.

It works.

Product: Nature Calls – Toilet Deodorizer Drops by Ritual

Price: $9 for .5 oz.

Ok. This is a little embarrassing, but we’re so in love with this product that I’m going to find a way to make it on-topic so I can tell you about it. As usual, I’ve received no money or anything cool to write this, I just love the stuff. Say goodbye to matches, extra flushes, or perfumey-stinks in the bathroom. Put two drops in prior (or even at the beginning of) your #2 and you can poo while your honey is in the shower and they won’t smell a thing. I’m blushing just writing this. I can’t say any more, it’s too much information! Just go buy some if, I’m telling you. We got ours at the salon, so don’t go looking at the grocery store.

If it comes recommended by a vegetarian household then it must be good. The tie-in to Exploring Intimacy? No need to ruin your date by running home to your own toilet. Voila!

Yes, I dated someone who did that regularly. I guess I just inspire these things.

Check out the drops – here

Samples of their other products for $2 shipping – here

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