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Selling Virginity for Grad School

September 11, 2008

“Natalie Dylan” has her new porn name, and at 22 she is still a virgin, but not for much longer. She aims to sell her first time to a high bidder who also strikes her fancy. Maybe that will be the highest bidder, maybe not. At any rate, she is hoping to discover gold between her thighs to the tune of $1,000,000 or more. Whew! Intercourse typically lasts for somewhere around 2 minutes, so that would be be $8,333.33 per second there. Take it slow, winning bidder, take it slow! Bidding was launched by Howard Stern on his satellite radio show, and is being conducted on the Bunny Ranch’s site…though her page (which says she is 21) leads to a profile that is set up for regular appointments.

Would anyone care if she wasn’t hot? …if she were a boy? Silly questions.

More pics, links ‘n stuff after the jump.

While women around the world roll their eyes (or regret not thinking of it first) we’re all wondering about her future profession: family therapist.  While some have noted that they don’t find it a good signal for her future professionalism, I have to say that I’m not surprised.  Having studied and practiced in that field for a few years, I can see how she might be a bit disillusioned about romance.  While hours and hours of unhappy couples ended up bringing me closer to my own partner, and increased my appreciation of him and what we have, it also brought a swift end to any notions I had about the power of love.  Love is a foundation stone – important but not a house in and of itself.  The struggling couple that announces that they have to work it out because they’re still in love is often the least likely to succeed.  If that’s all they have, they’re in serious trouble.  Frankly, lots of research has found that relationships built on solid ground that doesn’t include love (such as arranged marriages) do better, anyway.

I’d be more worried about her future within Marriage and Family Therapy, as it is one of the most conservative therapy fields, remaining home to many clinicians in the ex-gay movement.  To be fair, you’ll also find many progressive practitioners in this conservative field.  The professional organization is currently struggling with debate on many issues, and has worked hard to stay rather neutral (aka inactive) on such topics. We shall see where that leads as more graduate programs take a social-justice orientation!

Ok, enough bibble-babble on love and virginity and MFT.  At 22, I’m sure she has a good idea of what she is getting into, and can now avoid the heartbreak of waiting for the phone to ring.  And, if it messes her up, she’ll have more than a few pennies for therapy.  Oh, to be behind the therapy room observation mirror as she tells her new campus therapist that she is suffering from depression after “only” getting $500,000 for her virginity… Hey, it beats getting something itchy.

The Bunny Ranch is the classy (and legal) location of her big 2 minutes – here

More video and a brief write-up – here

Longer article – here

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  1. September 12, 2008 9:21 am

    Wow, good for her! It’s nice to see a woman doing something so controversial for her own education and success. I do agree that this may hamper her future in the therapy field, depending on how she intends to use the degree. Will many people be willing to go to her for advice knowing what she did? Hmm, I don’t know. It might not bode well in terms of the supposed morality of her advice. Then again, in a few years time her present infamy might have already faded into the very distant past, and no one will connect the dots fast enough to hamper her budding career. Still though, good for her! 🙂

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