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Sex Toy Companies That Care

September 4, 2008

Natural Contours Petite - Redesigned to Fundraise

Natural Contour's Petite - Redesigned to Fundraise

SportSheets is going green with its new line of vegan gear, and Natural Contours (already vegan and phthalate-free) announces a new version of their Petite woman-designed vibrator to be released in October. 10% of the sales from their improved Petite Pink Ribbon vibe will go to Breast Cancer Action of California. It’s a pleasure to see so many sex companies and stores demonstrating their commitment to their customers and planet! More info on these new products after the jump.

SportSheets specializes in sexy gear designed to enhance couples’ experiences and has been around for over a decade. I can tell you that their soft, cushy cuffs, strong construction, easy-to-use clips, and attractive appearance is already a winner over in our house. I really should get some reviews up of their products, especially those that work well for my fellow zaftig readers and their partners. We’re big fans of their G-Sp ot Link! Let me tell you… well, go find out for yourself. It might take a little practice but the results for good lovin’ are worth the hype. To heck with their new toys, I’m putting up a picture of that treasure! At any rate, they’re releasing a line called “Blush” that will contain no leather and is designed to appeal to women and impulse buyers. Think of them as a very fun bondage-light for those of us who prefer the comfy side of kink! Most of their products have featured leather, and many still will, but it is nice to see this series of products come to market. Good work, SportSheets!

Petite Gets a Make Over, and a New Purpose

Petite Gets a Make Over, and a New Purpose

Candida Royalle is an amazing woman who makes fantastic toys AND very hot women-centric porn. Recently recognized for her years of innovation and dedication to women’s and couples’ sexuality by AASECT, she has announced that her Natural Contours line of vibes will give The Petite a makeover and offer it in October as The Petite Pink Ribbon. 10% of sales will go to Breast Cancer Action, a California based organization with a cute chubby girl for their logo. Her toys are all phthalate-free, and designed for a woman’s body instead of a for… well… whatever it is some of those other toys are designed for. I swear, some of them look like they have nothing to do with girly bits (or boy bits, for that matter). At any rate, I gave my best friend a Jolie long ago, and I think she prefers the toy’s company over mine now. I’ll have to get her Petite Pink Ribbon for the holidays in order to top that last gift!

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  1. September 4, 2008 12:30 pm

    It is so great that the adult industry is embracing “green”.

    In honor of its 35th anniversary, Topco Sales announces company-wide ‘Commitment to Green’ initiatives. Recycling, water filtration, solar energy, RoHS, WEEE, and other ways of reducing Topco Sales’ carbon footprint are all either being implemented or considered.

    “As a leader in adult novelty manufacturing for 35 years, we now look ahead to the next 35 years – and beyond. We understand the importance of being environmentally conscious and the responsibility we have as one of the world’s largest novelty manufacturers. Topco Sales’ ‘Commitment to Green’ will help shed a positive light on the adult toy industry as a whole. It starts at the top and our efforts will benefit our distributors, online retailers, brick and mortar stores and ultimately the end-user,” says Desiree Duffie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Topco Sales.

    for more information

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