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Twisted Tuesday Fetish: Tissues

September 2, 2008
Sexy Tissues - photo by Silkhawk

Sexy Tissues - photo by Silkhawk

So we went mainstream last week, with an article on latex fetish. Today, we’re going for something so unusual it doesn’t even have a cute popular name: Kleenex kink. Yes, a love of tissues. In fact, I have only encountered one person with this fetish, but boy does he love it. He agreed to be interviewed for this post, both to share his love of tissues (and other soft, flimsy sheets, like silk scarves) and in hopes of finding others who share his desires. Be aware that his interview gets pretty explicit! Read on after the jump.

My interviewee goes by Silkhawk and seeks relationships in which he and his partners can engage in sensual BDSM. In other words, he loves to take charge and lightly tie, tease and please his partners using tissues. At the same time, he adores it when his lady assumes the dominant role and does the same with him.

Silkhawk, I have to admit that I’ve never met anyone with this fetish. This is pretty rare, isn’t it?

I’ll admit it is very very different with the tissues isn’t it. But I’ve accepted that. I’m kinda public about it..,. with the right people of course.

How do you use tissues during your sexual experiences?

I always incorporate tissues in my bondage play, not just from the sensuality perspective. I’ve used them ALOT as gags, a good handful of the right brand of tissues make fantastic gagging before silk scarves are used to secure the wadding. I’ve done this on myself and on the sub I had. She was more than open to it. They so a great job of drying the mouth in times such as the kidnapping scenario. The heartbeat will quicken as the captive will struggle against their bonds… (Silk scarves in my case), and as that happens the mouth salivates more and more. So where you may use a silk handkerchief as a gag before a cleave gag or over-the-mouth gag a very good substitute, in fact better overall, is tissues.

Don’t your tissues get soggy like that?

In the UK we have the Kleenex Ultra Balm variety, it has a green and blue box. They make very good gags as the balm resists the need for the tissues to fall apart. Using 3ply is very important, too.

I’m still curious about how this works. Can you share a sexual experience you’ve had with a partner, using kleenexes, silk scarves, and similar things that you have a fetish for?

A [submissive partner] I had in November 2005, S and I, well, we switched [who was in charge, sexually] really. She worked at a hotel in London. She got a discounted room, very lavish, the best hotel room I’ve ever stayed in. She took care of the room while I’d foot the room-service bill at the end of the weekend, Monday morning. We would tie each other up in silk scarves only, gag each other with silk scarves and tissues. But also we would stroke each other’s bodies with tissues as well, the genitals, the buttocks, the face, and the back. The hotel obviously provide a box of tissues in the drawers of every room, as a complimentary thing, should they be needed, like the Bible you find in them too. I knew this, so I brought my own boxes… three to be precise. All Kleenex brand as well. We would have endless sex and I found even when I was [taking charge, sexually] of her, she’d be gagged as I rode her from behind and with her legs in the air. She would wear the silk scarves, round her neck, like a nappy sometimes. I would sometimes be gagged myself, with tissues and silk scarves as when I climaxed and shot my load I was able to buck and writhe more, exerting more force and roaring and yelling out all my sexual energy, expelling the full orgasm, biting into the masses of tissues in my mouth, that worked as a very very good gag. It was the best sex I’ve ever had. Also, as she took my cock in her mouth (while rested, sat up against the propped up pillows) I would pump her mouth slowly and firmly, and speed up, occasionally forcing it deeper and deeper in. As she dribbled and gagged on my cock, I’d rip a damn good amount of tissues from the bedside box and mop up her dribble. Then for being a naughty messy girl I’d ease the tissues in her mouth and her mouth would press fuller with much glee and satisfaction… damn it! i think she enjoyed it. Lol. hee hee

Wow, I didn’t realize there could be so many uses for kleenex! Have you found any other partners who share your interest?

I’ve met only one other [Female Dominant] on here who used tissues to gag their slaves and subs. That’s ‘1’ I’m counting but there will be loads more out there. It would certainly be a new fetish. My group for ‘Tissue Fetish’ only has me in it, thus far. [His group can be found at FetLife, a free networking site for fetishists]

Have you managed to convert any partners over to your love of tissues and scarves?

I’ve not met anyone else as passionate about silk, nor with tissues besides myself. So far I’ve not converted many. I’ve converted a few to silk scarf bondage… but not the tissues yet, though I haven’t tried till now, with these discussions and groups I’m laying down [at FetLife]. I’m kinda public among females with regards to the silk scarves though. I’m proud of it.

Yes, it sounds like your unique interests are a point of pride for you, and I really like that. Do the people you share your fetish with feel the same?

I met a lovely women who had a cling film fetish. She was a from the same county as me but quite a drive away still, about 50 minutes to an hour. She drove to my town and we went for a drink. We were explaining how we got into our fetishes and who we’ve met and so on. She’s now in a relationship with her Switch [that’s a fetish partner who likes to take both the dominant and submissive role in BDSM]. But whenever she sees a women wearing a silk scarf, or sees them on TV or in a shop…. she thinks of me. It’s a great reference to me I have to say and she did admit that she’s never met or known of anyone so obsessed with silk.. and/or tissues. and she has been a domme for 9 years now.. ooh actually it’d be 10 now.. So it’s only a compliment to me I suppose. I’m the ‘Silk Guy’.. Lol.

The Silk Guy, that’s great! Many fetishes have catchy names, like “BDSM” or “Looners” – what are people with your fetish called?

What we’d be called…. ooh I’m buggered if I know. Lol hee hee. I’ll get thinking about it though. it’s a very interesting question. Do you have any ideas.. Kleenex Kinksters… that’s a suggestion, but don’t quote me on that.


Looking for explicit tissue fetish material? Yep, they make tissue porn – here

My thanks to Silkhawk for his willingness to be interviewed and to share his stories with us for our Twisted Tuesday Fetish this week! If you would like to get in touch with Silkhawk you can find him on FetLife under that username. You can also leave a comment or email for me and I will pass your information along to him.

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  1. paul hicks permalink
    April 5, 2009 11:14 am

    hi love tissues too love to be gagged with them the smell of them tissues turn me on big time


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