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ISO: Women Who Love “Happy Endings”

September 1, 2008

A Little Lower, Please

A Little Lower, Please

The best place to begin is at the beginning: The TimesOnline published an article on “happy ending” massages for women, especially those with lots of money and a love of resorts or other luxurious places. A happy ending, by the way, is a massage in which you end with an orgasm (or maybe more than one) via handjob, and it is highly frowned upon by professional massage associations and most of their members.

Keep reading after the jump. I’m looking for ladies who want a happy ending!

My spouse found the article and sent it to me immediately as a bit of good news during our long wait for Heidi Fleiss’s mythical legal brothel for women. I lovingly call it The Man Ranch. Anywho, the TimesOnline began the article with a hopeful story: a wealthy lady rushes to her friend to borrow some cash; her masseuse deserves a bigger tip for giving her such a lovely happy ending. The author then calls around to see if such massages really do exist for women, and in search of women who pay for them. She found a few of the former and none of the latter. The article ends on a dishearteningly ridiculous note. Why, they want to know, would a woman pay for pleasure when abundant sex is available for free. I’m disgusted that a woman would ask that question, regardless of her opinions on a massage “with everything.”

Ladies, we know that sex and pleasure are two entirely different experiences that don’t always overlap, especially when it comes to pleasure in the form of orgasms.

Gentlemen have known the pleasure of sex partners who cater to their whims for countless generations. For most men, every roll in the sheets means an orgasm. If it doesn’t, either a new partner or Viagra are deemed necessary. While jokes circulate about the new bride who smiles because she has given her last blow job, I wonder where the cultural humor is about the groom who has been delighting her with cunnilingus. Better, where are the stories about the happy couple (of any genders) who look forward to continuing both? We don’t have those tales and jokes. Instead, we have legions of women who are more likely to be single, more aware and interested in their sexual satisfaction, and increasingly discontent with disappointing and potentially dangerous hook-ups.

I am not surprised to hear that women are interested in happy endings from someone who knows how give a good one, or even a good series of them.

Female fans of the happy ending, where are you hiding?

Leave a comment here and share your thoughts. Have you ever gotten a happy ending? Would you want one? And, most importantly, will you help me organize a trip to Fleiss’s new Man Ranch when it opens?!

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  1. November 23, 2008 5:13 am

    Massage is an excellent form of passive exercise and, at the same time, very stimulating and invigorating !

    Having a great massage is real relaxing and charges up the body energy levels to a new high !

    And if the ending is a happy one – what a great way of doing it in style !

  2. May 6, 2009 7:27 pm

    A massage with orgasm sounds exciting. No need to hook up. cool. seriously i am fed up with guys now days. Sometime they are just boring in bed. There is no passion, they do sex like playing WWF. I will be glad if any such a massage parlor exists in my area..

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