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Upcoming Sex Nerd Events: September, 2008

August 30, 2008
Dr. Susan Lee, Lawrence Siegel & Richard Siegel will be Presenting in Atlanta this Month

Richard Siegel, Dr. Susan Lee & Lawrence Siegel will be Presenting in Atlanta this Month

Fellow sex nerds, the fall conference season is upon us.  Check out these two upcoming opportunities in Atlanta and Toronto for training and professional networking, after the jump.

The Practice of Sex Therapy – Sept. 26 & 27

Florida Postgraduate Sex Therapy Training Inst. & Sage Inst. for Family Development

Held at the Atlanta Botanical Garden (ooh!) this training event is an “exciting and fast-paced seminar ideal for those interested in sex therapy in order to enhance their clinical skills. It has been streamlined for psychotherapists (social workers, MFTs and mental health counselors), psychologists, physicians (especially urologists and gynocologists), nurse practitioners, and postgraduate students.  Three expert sex therapists offer the latest in treatment techniques and solutions for your challenging cases.  We invite seasoned clinicians or those building a foundation for working with sexual issues.”  Richard Siegel was one of my fantastic SAR trainers at AASECT, and I’m confident that any effort he is involved in will be excellent. Tuition is $360. More information – here

5th Annual Conference on Prostitution, Sex Work and Human Trafficking – Sept. 18 & 19th

The University of Toledo & The Second Chance Program Advisory Board

“This conference is open to survivors, researcher, practicioners, activists, and workers int he social service, criminal justice, and health care fields…  [It’s purpose is to] bring together researchers and practitioners in an effor to lay the groundwork for future collaborative research, advocacy, and program development.  To educate  social servic, health care, and criminal justic professionals, on human trafficking and the needs and risk of those victimized by the commercial sex industry.”  It’s held at the U of Toronto and registration is at $120 ($30 for students).  More info – here

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