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Better Orgasms With A Classic: Hitachi Magic Wand

August 27, 2008

Hitachi Magic Wand (image:

Product: Hitachi Magic Wand

Purchased at: Gift from an anon. admirer (including attachment)

Cost: $59.95 at MyPleasure

Attachment: Vixen Creation’s Gee Whiz, $45.00

The Hitachi Magic Wand is an enduring symbol of orgasmic bliss, and a symbol of the pro-pleasure women’s movement toward fantastic orgasms with or without a partner. While most reviews take place after using the toy a few times, this review is offered based on hundreds of uses of the same Hitachi Magic Wand, over the course of 5+ years. Now that makes for a review you can trust! Ladies and gentlemen alike love the Hitachi, and for a very good reason: it works!

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Gee Whiz from Vixen Creations

Gee Whiz from Vixen Creations

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a plug-in vibrator designed for very intense external stimulation, while the Gee Whiz silicone attachment is designed to allow for internal stimulation and somewhat muted (yet still strong) vibrations. True to its name, the attachment is more interested in getting to the G Spot (or prostate) than making you feel full. Let’s explore the uses of this item, and who will and will not like it.

Lets start with some history, Wikipedia style:

The Hitachi Magic Wand is an electric massager (otherwise known as a vibrator) intended for massaging muscles, as well as erogenous zones. It first appeared in the 1970s as a medical device, but is now widely used as a sex toy. The device features a round soft flexible head measuring 2.5 inches in diameter with a 9 inch handle. The 6 foot cord is attached to the end of the handle. The Wand provides two levels of vibration speeds: 5000 and 6000 rpm, that are controlled by a hand switcher located on the handle. Unlike many vibrators, the Magic Wand is plugged into a wall socket rather than using battery power.

The fact that this is a plug-in vibe means STRONG stimulation! See those 5000-6000 rpms? They’re not kidding around with this lovely! Many users can’t handle a HMW applied directly to their pink bits (of either gender) and so it can used on the mons (soft pad of fat above the vagina, where the most fluff grows) or even over clothing. People who like it kinky have been known to bind their willing partner with a simply resting against the body, over clothing and ropes, to orgasmic effects. There are two settings, but even the lowest is pretty strong. If you detest strong stimulation, even over clothing, then this not the toy for you. Otherwise, read on!

Speaking of settings, the flip switch can be used by rubbing the item against a table or hand, so virtually no fine motor control of the fingers is needed. The HMW is a bit heavy, so you’ll need to be able to heft it to the right area and then remove it when you’re done, but if you can do that then you might very well be all set.

The head of the vibe is removable and washable, or you can roll a condom over it. It’s even easier to clean if you use the silicone attachments, as they’re antibacterial soap friendly and can even be boiled or run through a soap-free dishwasher. Wow!

Magic Wands are particularly highly recommended for women who have difficulty getting enough stimulation to experience an orgasm. This might the case for a woman who is seeking to learn to have orgasms for the first time, or consistently, and is also useful for women who have suffered a decrease in sensitivity due to menopause or medications. I suggest an attachment and lots of lube, whether you’re a first timer or an experienced orgasm-er.

One of the best things about the HMW is that this beautiful symbol of pleasure lasts forever. Not only does it have no batteries to drain, but it’s very well made. Note that mine is still running, and only slightly louder with age. Those seeking a memorable gift for loved one or crush, consider purchasing this beauty with the attachment. Whether or not you stay in her life, she will always remember you with a smile. What better recommendation can I give?

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