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Tuesday’s Twisted Fetish: Latex

August 26, 2008
Bianca Beauchamp, International Latex Fetish Model, Heats Up Your Screen

Bianca Beauchamp, International Latex Fetish Model

Goodness, you didn’t think that the only sexy use for latex was condoms, did you? In this week’s featured fetish we explore the pleasure of latex, from wearing it to looking at it. Get ready for the naughtiest Halloween costume ideas yet: latex body paint! When you’re done with it, just peel it off.

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Stretchy, shiny, and oh so skin tight, latex is a fetish dream for many people. While the lovely Bianca gives us a peek at fetish fashion made from the stuff, it’s popular for people of all body types and genders. Some like to wear it, others like to view it, and some enjoy painting it on. Let’s divide and conquer on this one, shall we? Remember, this is a fetish post, so assume that all links below are NSFW. It took forever just to find a modest one to headline this post with. Poor me, wading through all those latex fetish photos…

Wear It: Latex is tight and sweaty to wear, yet moves well with your body. People who enjoy wearing latex might like to flirt, or they may desire the feeling of being encased in a warm second skin. Latex outfits vary from skimpy cheerleader costumes to sheer cat suits to thick bondage sacks and hoods. Ever had a fantasy of being Han Solo in his carbonite chamber? You can live the dream with a trustworthy partner and a latex vac-bed. For visual appeal, it can be used to make fetish gear, like body harnesses. It’s also a favorite for kinky people who like to layer or prefer to avoid leather. Latex is measured in thickness using gauges, with thicker gauges offering more strength and opaqueness with less stretch. A 25 gauge, for example, offers plenty of stretch but is also suitable for moderate bondage.

View It: People who wear it like that it feels like a second skin, and people who view it enjoy it for the same reason. Whether see-through or opaque, it doesn’t get any closer to the body that this. As if that weren’t enough, latex can be treated with liquid silicones to make it shine and catch the eye even more. Just don’t put oil on it or it could degrade like a condom! Latex is hard to work with, so expect to pay premium prices for the highest quality items.

Paint It On: You don’t have to buy a pre-made outfit to wear latex! Artists, kinksters and wanna-be super heroes can buy jars of latex body paint and apply it with brushes or fingers. Your body must be clean and free of hair for this to work, and you must have a well ventilated area. It’s sexy once it is on, but stinky before it dries. Get ready to decorate yourself into the kinkiest Halloween costume at the party, and show those folks in the rented outfits the slinkiest Cat Girl ever! If that won’t win the costume contest, then work up the crowd by promising to peel it off if you get the prize.

*Hint – don’t wash it off. It will clog your plumbing*

JTs Stockroom features an impressive assortment of latex fetish gear and clothing – here

Ms. Bianca (pictured at top) will gladly trade you latex fetish images for cash – here

Info on wearing and removing latex body paint – here

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Bianca Gives You The Lusty Eye

Bianca Gives You The Lusty Eye

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