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Your Friday Pleasure Post

August 16, 2008

Every Friday we’ll be posting a fresh and sexy suggestion for increasing your pleasure. This is a new feature, so we’re posting this first one a bit late tonight. In the future it will be ready for you bright and early on Friday morning!


Heidi Klum Underlines Her Gluteal Fold - Courtesy of AdRants

Heidi Klum Underlines Her Gluteal Fold - Courtesy of AdRants

Meet your Gluteal Fold, hot foreplay spot and subject of this week’s Friday Pleasure Post!

More on this erogenous zone after the jump.

The Gluteal Fold is a very sensitive area found right where the bottom of your butt cheek meets your leg. This spot is so well known for its sexy properties that it is recognized as a Secondary Erogenic Zone in eastern Tantric sexual practices!

To enjoy this area, use light to moderate stimulation; be gentle as this is a very vulnerable area. Softly brush your fingertips or lips across your your partner’s fold, tracing the crease back and forth on each side. You may even try a gentle massage of the area with your hand or tongue. It’s a wonderful tease for both men and women, and a part of the body that we rarely pay attention to. Have fun!

Got a suggestion or a piece of art for next week’s Pleasure Post? Drop us a line!

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