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Spray-On Custom Condoms – Would You Buy It?

August 16, 2008

Jan Vinzenz Krauses Spray-On Condom Machines (

Jan Vinzenz Krause's Spray-On Condom Machines (

Gentlemen, have I got a product for you! has alerted the world to a wonderful new invention: spray-on condoms. How many of you have found yourselves fumbling with an ill-fitting condom? I cannot tell you how often I have spoken with women and their male partners that had this problem. For some, the condom is a little too big, and slips off. For others, it’s just too tight and restrictive. But what can we do? Trojan brand condoms offers the Magnum as a larger model. However, when they offered smaller fit, no one bought it and they had to give up. I can’t say I’m surprised; it can be embarrassing enough just buying condoms and lube at your neighborhood grocery store much less picking up the smaller box. Thank goodness for the ingenuity of a German man who has invented a way to have a fresh, perfectly fitting condom every time. Just insert yourself into his new invention, press the button, and enjoy your spray-on condom. So, why isn’t anyone buying them?

For starts, it seems that some men don’t want to stick themselves in a device that hisses and sprays. Okay, that’s reasonable. Perhaps they need a see-through model, at least until it becomes more common. The bigger problem is that the latex has to dry for a couple of minutes, when customers only want to wait a few seconds. Still, one would think that they could invent a faster drying latex for that sort of exciting innovation.

While we are waiting for Mr. Krause and his magical spray-on condoms, he has decided to help us out. Soon, Germany will get to enjoy six different sizes of condoms on the market to make sure that every man has the perfect fit. Here, in the United States, we will have to wait until 2010 or later. But will these condoms sell any better? Mr. Krause has a plan. His six sizes of condoms will only be available online, where he feels men can be more honest shoppers.

As a sexuality educator, the idea a better-fitting condoms is wonderful. It is difficult getting people to wear them consistently. Getting rid of one more excuse might help, or it might not.

So, what do you think? Would you be willing to wait 2-3 minutes for a custom condom every time? My partner isn’t sure that he would want to hold still while it dries, but I am interested. Then again, I’m all about exciting toys like that. How about you, would you trust this mysterious machine? How about a range of common sizes? If you were able to measure accurately, would you be willing to buy less than the largest size?

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. Sarah permalink
    August 16, 2008 9:09 am

    I can only imagine how this would feel peeling off, even if you are shaven. I mean, I’m not a guy, but I can vouch for my boyfriend: when we used condoms, we never had *that* many issues with them, and honestly, if you’re embarrassed to buy condoms and a store ( I know I was before I was comfortable ) maybe you shouldn’t be buying them yet 😛

    Overall, interesting idea, but I see a lot of possible issues, the peeling off process one of them. Or if your partner can’t wait ’til it dries and then you have the peeling off process for both parties. I’d like to hear more reviews when products like this are better tested though.

  2. Dwayne permalink
    August 16, 2008 11:37 am

    What about shape? Not all men are perfectly straight–I for one curve to the left when erect…how would Herr Krause’s machine handle that? Would it be able to hit the curve evenly, or would some spots be missed, thereby negating the effectiveness altogether?

  3. August 20, 2008 9:33 am

    Its very creative! Well done! But how to “peel” it off??

  4. August 25, 2008 11:33 am

    Hmm… I hadn’t thought of peeling it off. And I wonder where the semen goes? No tip, afterall.

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