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Exploring’s New Look

August 15, 2008

Thank You! (and yes, they're vibes)

Thank You! (and yes, they're vibes)

As you probably noticed, The Explorer’s Blog is rocking a new look, including a new title graphic.

We’re now Exploring Intimacy, and you can reach us more easily by typing:

That used to be the address for my sex workshop & consulting professional site; however, the blog has been growing in popularity so quickly that it was time to put the focus over here. Yes, I still offer workshops, and this fall’s schedule is looking great. If you’re in Atlanta I’d love to meet you there!

I hope you like the changes, and that it is now easier for you navigate the site. All of the old links are still on the right side of the screen, with blog-specific links on the left. I may also be adding sponsorships over the upcoming months, to help compensate for the hours I spend blogging away each day. Fear not, I will only invite or accept sponsorship placements from companies that fit my strict standards of positive sexual health and well-being. Links on the right, as always, are my favorites and are not paid placements.

Thanks for reading Exploring Intimacy and for spreading the word to your friends! All of your comments and emails are wonderful to read; it just wouldn’t be fun blogging without you.


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