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Toy Review: Nexus Glide

August 8, 2008
Nexus Glide - Delicious Back Door Fun for Beginners

Nexus Glide - Delicious Back Door Fun for Beginners

Product: Nexus Glide (in black)

Price: Currently on sale for $54.95 at PuckerUp

Purchased: At the vending table for PuckerUp, during AASECT

Admit it, ladies. Those of you who like the boys have always been a bit curious about slipping in a finger, or maybe even a small toy. Is it possible he might just like it? Gentlemen, you know you can be honest with me. You’ve thought about it a bit more than once or twice and wondered if those prostate stories could possibly be worth all the hype. And for those of you who are smiling and saying, “Been there, Ruth,” then perhaps you’ve cast a lusty eye at the attractive design of these little beauties and wondered about the steel ball embedded in the handle. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the best beginner’s butt toy for men to grace our testing lab, in both solo and couple’s tests.

The Nexus Glide is a men’s anal toy designed to catch your eye and keep your interest. The smoothly curving insertable area (the thickest protrusion) is designed to stimulate that fabulous prostate of his from the inside, while the smaller end of the handle contains a roller ball to apply delicious pressure from the outside. The other end of the base? A convenient handle for rocking the toy in delightful ways. And yes, before you ask, the ball is easily removed with an included little gizmo so the whole toy can be readily cleaned. The ball can also be warmed or cooled while it is out, according to your sensual desires, dearest reader. By the way, women don’t have prostates, which is why this is considered a men’s toy.

If you’ve ever seen the butt toys in your local smut-shop then you know what it is to gasp at some of the rather… gigantic… items made for your rear. Well, maybe not your rear, but definitely someone’s. This is not one of those toys. Petite, but not tiny, you fellas who are new to butt play may need to chat over a cup of coffee with your Nexus Glide in order to build up a little friendship first, but that should about do it. This is not a toy you need to warm up to with smaller versions, I’m pleased to say, yet it does the trick most wonderfully. Simply warm yourself up a bit (in front, that is) while applying a high quality anal lube with your fingers. Be sure that you lube up the outside of the anus, and use your fingers to get a generous amount inside both of the ring-shaped muscles back there. When it comes to your delicate behind, too much lube is almost enough. Then apply some more to the toy and use the handle to gently, slowly work it in while continuing to pleasure yourself. If you start to experience discomfort simply stop pushing so hard and begin a light, steady pressure that won’t yield results until you relax and are ready. Take your time and reapply lube as needed! Oh yeah, and just in case you were thinking of it, don’t put anything in your bum that wasn’t meant to be back there. All toys should be clean, smooth, and include a sturdy flared base. It’s not a myth, toys without bases often end up slipping in, which can lead to a trip to the ER if you’re unable to push it out safely on your own. No such worries with the Nexus Glide, though. The base is sturdy and dependable, as well as stimulating!

Once it is in, try tensing your muscles, adjusting your legs, pushing, relaxing and similar things in order to discover how to get the most of the unique pleasure that comes from prostate stimulation. Some of you may need to rock the toy by the handle to get the best sensations, others will do fine just by tensing and relaxing. Thrusting is also fine, but not required, when and if you are interested in trying it. And if you happen to have a partner along for the fun, this is a wonderful item for exploring intimacy together. Our testing found that it certainly did produce the deeply intense pleasure that the prostate is known for, and aided in stronger orgasms. At one point it did threaten to pop out (right during climax) but other than that it stayed in easily and was removed and cleaned without difficulty. It didn’t actually come out in the moment, thanks to the useful handle which made it easy to push it back into place with minimal hassle.

With nicely placed handles, a firm plastic body, and cleanable materials, the Nexus Glide provides us with no hidden concerns to report for the disabled community or anyone else. The small plastic piece used to remove the ball is tiny and requires significant finger dexterity and moderate finger strength, and thus is the only possible cause of concern that we could think of. If this might be rough for you, you may want to check out some of the other high quality anal toys available. For example, the Rosebud is inexpensive, silicone, can hit the prostate and comes with an easy to grab round handle. Those with a curve or bulb at the end are designed for prostate fun. On the other hand, the curved handle of the Nexus Glide made it easier to grab when inserted than those with a flat base, allowing one to rock it and then to remove it, even with slippery fingers.

This is a toy I feel secure with recommending as a gift, even for beginners, since it is very well-made and of a reasonable size. Partners with little or no experience should be able to figure it out and enjoy it, given some time and lots of good lube. Or, if you know anal pleasure well, you might enjoy a toy that requires very little fuss and is designed to be comfortable from start to finish. So then, no more excuses! Pony up the cash (yes, it’s worth it) and experience what all of the talk is about. (Home of the amazing Tristan T.) – here

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  1. August 9, 2008 9:36 pm

    This can also be purchased on my website at and is listed as the Male G-Spot Massager. It’s also recommended by doctor’s for prostate health. :0)

  2. August 10, 2008 10:33 am

    As a Passion Party consultant, I can honestly say that my customers have raved about this product, AKA Male G-Spot Massager, like Shell described. Most men say it appears intimidating at first, but if you use plenty of lube and relax, the toy will do the rest! The majority of feedback regarding this toy is, “WOW!”
    For more info regarding this toy and many other great products, visit my website

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