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New Sex Toys Light Up Your Nights

August 1, 2008

Light Up Vibes by Don Wand Use LED Lights - New Models Coming Soon

Light Up Vibes by Don Wand Use LED Lights – New Models Coming Soon

Have you ever tried a glass sex toy? These insertables are generally made of a Pyrex-style glass and offer a very hard type of toy that is easy to clean, can be heated or chilled, and is often very visually appealing. I have a downright gorgeous one that I bring to workshops, locally made from swirled glass and with bumps. Although the shape is semi-realistic, even the most modest attendees smile when they see such an attractive toy. Some glass toys even vibrate, although most don’t.

Local glass artists have been bringing back the ancient art of producing swirling, beautiful toys that are suitable for display, and large companies have also hopped into the market. Don Wands, a line from Glow Industries, sells a range of glass dildos and vibes around the country. Recently AVN has announced one new line of lovely metallic, vibrating beauties fresh to the market, and an upcoming line illuminated from inside with LED lights! An LED toy is shown above, while the metallic vibe is a bit more realistic, so I’ve placed the photo at the bottom of the article, after the jump:

Don Wand has offered LED light up toys and lovely vibes for a little while now, but these will be new styles. Photos were unavailable at Don Wand’s site, and AVN set up their images to keep me from linking to them here. Ah well, keep an eye out for these beautiful pieces of sexy art soon. You can, however, pop on over to their original articles see the photos (links at bottom).

Remember, if they don’t have a wide base then don’t use them for anal play, pretty as they are!

According to the release from AVN, the metallic lovelies:

…also are hypoallergenic, waterproof, and beautiful, and their intense vibrations set them apart from the glass crowd. The borosilicate smooth and nubby wands measure about 8 usable inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter and require two AA batteries each. Each wand also comes with a sample of WET Platinum Lubricant and a padded storage pouch.”


Pink Glass Vibe by Don Wand

Pink Glass Vibe by Don Wand

AVN article on the metallic vibe Don Wands, with images of new releases – here

AVN article on LED dildos, with images of new releases – here

Know of a local artist that makes glass vibes? Let me know and I’d be pleased to feature them!

In related news, also through ANV: California Exotic Novelties (another giant sex toy company.. .big company, not big toys, that is) is changing the packaging on the Dr. Laura Berman Basics line of toys. Who cares about clamshell packaging, you may wonder? Well, I do… Anyway, Dr. Berman runs a world-famous sexual health center in Chicago focusing on therapy but with a whole-person health approach. Her products are nicely designed for both pleasure and health. Problem is, as nice as her packaging was, the cardboard boxes didn’t give a good idea of what the product was without opening them. Many smut-shops taped the boxes shut to reduce wear, and so the customer couldn’t tell what the heck was in there. Anyway, her classy mass-market vibes, toys and sexual health products will now be in easy to see (but hard to open) plastic packaging.

Full AVN article on Berman’s products and packaging – here

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  1. August 10, 2008 10:42 am

    As a party consultant, our line carries glass toys too. We have them listed as Majestic Moment and the Royal Moment. For those with silicone or latex allergies, these toys are perfect!
    For a complete listing of products visit my website @

  2. May 6, 2009 7:23 pm

    Having a sex toy that glows up in the dark would be really cool. I bet the vagina or anus are emphasized in a dramatic and flattering light 😉

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