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Store Review: Aphrodite’s Toy Box (Atlanta)

July 29, 2008
Aphrodites Toy Box lights up the night

Aphrodite's Toy Box lights up the night

Aphrodite’s Toy Box of Atlanta

Location: 3040 N. Decatur Rd., Scottdale, GA 30079

Phone: (404) 292-9700

Aphrodite’s Toy Box offers Atlanta a well-deserved opportunity for adult boutique shopping, with a range of high quality sex toys, lubes, fetish gear, hot shoes, books, lingerie (sizes 3-6x) and even workshops! Yes, that’s right, this is the store that hosts my monthly intimacy workshops and also offers classes on pole dancing and other sexy pursuits. Walk in any time during business hours and you’re likely to meet one of the two amazing women responsible for the creation and success of this store. They’ll be more than happy to help advise you and can offer a wealth of information about both their products and the Atlanta area. Don’t be shy, I can pretty much promise you that they’ve heard questions and stories similar to yours many times.

Aphrodite’s Toy Box does not sell hardcore pornography, but does offer a delightful range of how-to books, Goddess materials, erotica and sex-nerd reading in a comfortable corner of the store. As noted above, their range of lingerie sizes is wonderful, and they do offer a roomy changing space in their clean, friendly, and nicely decorated unisex restroom. Women of all sizes and cross-dressers can feel safe and welcome shopping here, as well as men seeking a special gift for their partner or themselves. Toys and lubes are sold in a semi-private room, for your comfort, and a nice range is offered. They do stock high quality silicone, metal and glass toys in the luxury range, so if you’re looking for the best of the best you can find that here, too. As for fetish gear, they’ve got soft cuffs, bejeweled crops, and hand-made functional iron art pieces plus much more.

Workshops are offered after hours in the main store, or in the studio directly behind. Reservations are suggested, call ‘em for info. Off street parking is located behind their purple building, offering privacy, although there is no need to be embarrassed of shopping here. A handicap ramp leads to the front door, and restrooms are very accessible. The entire inside is hardwood, which looks beautiful and keeps it easy to navigate. Private parties are available by request.

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