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Research on Viagra for Women

July 29, 2008
Some women love Viagra, with good reason

Some women love Viagra, with good reason

The pharmaceutical world is still searching for a female version of Viagra, the infamous blue pill of lust. Female mental and physical arousal, not to mention orgasm, seems too complex for current medications and no solid fem-Viagra has been found, in spite of a rash of recent female prescriptions. Not that everyone likes the idea, mind you. Leonore Tiefer is famous in sex-nerd circles for waging a feminist war on such medications in her efforts to stop the pharmaceutical takeover of our sexuality. She and her peers have a good point, mind you.

A lack of sexual arousal and ability to orgasm can easily stem from political conditions, relationship issues, lack of awareness, and a cornucopia of health concerns, among many other causes. At the AASECT convention of ’08, I learned that such concerns can function as an early warning sign for impending heart trouble in women, which is not a symptom to be covered with a pink pill. As someone who assists people who are seeking to improve their sex lives, I also recognize how often environmental, emotional, relational and awareness issues are at fault. Again, these situations will continue to worsen if we remove the red flag of female sexuality concerns with prescriptions. Not that Viagra is magic for men, either. It certainly doesn’t work for all of them, and they may not have access to a partner who is interested in their enhanced erections and what they can do with them. Research shows that most people prefer non-penetrative sex anyway.

That said, it looks like Viagra can have a positive effect for a goodly percentage of women who suffer anorgasmia (inability to have orgasms) due to antidepressant medications. Antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs are downright infamous for killing libidos or, more torturous yet, leaving the desire while removing the ability for orgasms. Many doctors forget to mention this, especially to youthful or elderly patients, leaving their relationships and selves in a scary and unexpected situation. Switching medications is an option for many patients, so talk to your doctor. According to a study at the University of New Mexico, Viagra may be another option for women. While it didn’t increase sexual desire, 72% of research subjects (all female and on antidepressants) did notice improvements in sexual function. For all of the details, and lots of related links, check out the summary at The National Partnership for Women and Families – here

For a possible topical option, with no Rx needed, research has shown great results for a product called Zestra. It has been shown to increase desire and physical arousal. Zestra has even had good results with women who were NOT suffering from any form of sexual dysfunction. It was presented on at AASECT ’08 in a keynote presentation. Zestra is sold in many pharmacies and better sex stores. Their site is – here

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 30, 2008 10:32 am

    I just discovered your site. Very nice. Have you tried that Zestra stuff? Curious. I’m reluctant to pop Ibuprofen myself but….

    I’m on a Quest myself over at so I love that you are the Explorer. I subscribed to your feed.

    (response from Ruth @ The Explorers Blog: Thanks! Your blog is downright delicous, with excellent writing and a deserving focus. Great stuff! I do have a packet of Zestra and I plan on trying & reviewing it, in mid-August. Right now my spouse and I are in different states, so it’s not the best time. 😉 )

  2. May 6, 2009 7:21 pm

    I think the lack of desire in a female partner should be addressed emotionally first instead of going onto medication. Many factors could come into play, like stress at work, muscular fever, just complete burnout. Men with extra active libido should be more patient and attentive to the woman’s need and wait if the need be. If nothing works, only then go onto medication, but it should be a last resort in my opinion.

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