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Lube Review: Yes (water-based) Organic Lube

July 28, 2008
Yes organic lubricant

Pretty Packaging: Yes organic lubricant

Product: Yes water-based organic lube and intimate moisturizer

Price: .9fl oz for $8, 2.6fl for $23, up to 4.4fl oz for $34

Purchased at: (I received a complimentary .9fl oz bottle, and you can too – here)

Summary: Yes water-based lube is a delightful, natural and healthy lubricant. Starting as a pleasantly clingy gel (easy to dispense and place), it spreads evenly and absorbs to leave skin smooth instead of gloppy or sticky. Yes has unseated the beloved Maximus as the nightstand lubricant of choice for vaginal use at The Explorers Blog. The bottle is attractive and simple to use with one hand. The product smells slightly fresh and plant-like to me, in a very good way, (although others have reviewed as smell-free) and has no taste. It’s pricy, but completely worth it. If you’ve never tried lube, or had negative lube experiences in the past, this is a product that will have you saying “Yes, please!”

Pleasure: Yes (water-based) Organic Lube is a thoroughly delightful product, so much so that it has taken over the position of our all-time favorite that was held for years by the fantastic Maximus lube. A common concern I hear from those who claim to hate lube is that it feels unnatural, and makes for a lot of unpleasant clean up during and after solo or partnered activities. Others complain of irritating or otherwise scary chemicals and unattractive smells or tastes. Yes addresses all of these concerns, leaving intimate skin feeling fresh and happy, while containing only the mildest naturally occurring fresh smell and nothing to cover the lovely taste of one’s partner or self. The TimesOnline notes that Yes works well for regular moisturizing, a common need of women who have experienced hysterectomies. As a sexual lubricant, Yes encourages partners and masturbating singles to take their time exploring their bodies and responses. It also increases comfort for penetration and stimulation of the genitals and anus.

Yes‘s attractive and innocent-looking bottle is easily used with one hand, with light hand strength. I was able to open and close the bottle’s flip cap without my thumb by rubbing it against a table’s edge! For those with trouble applying lubricant, you will be pleased by the clingy and somewhat firm consistency of the gel. It clings to the finger, then to your happy places, instead of running everywhere. Some lubes state that they can be reactivated with some water or spit, which is code for “this stuff gets sticky and gloppy.” Yes absorbs, leaving a refreshed and happy sensation afterward, or a good environment for additional applications. This is really, really good stuff and they ship it overseas FAST. My sample even arrived in delightfully romantic packaging with a hand-signed note!

Concerns: Yes is expensive stuff. This is understandable, considering it is made from certified organic ingredients and clearly avoids cheap (and potentially dangerous) filler or slicking stuff by a small company. Your body (and your that of your partner/s) are worth the most comfortable and healthy lubricants. I’m a lube snob and encourage everyone to try exploring their sexuality high quality lubricants. This is now my lube of choice, which is a highest compliment. Although it can be used for an anal lubricant, the light nature of the product is unlikely to hold up to vigorous penetration. Yes also offers an oil based lube that may be more suitable for those who do not use latex condoms and are interested in anal play. Lastly, as with nearly every water-based lube we’ve encountered, it tends to dry too quickly for men to wank with.

Unique Use: Generally speaking, sexual lubricants are not suitable for use as vaginal moisturizers, and vice versa. However, this product is designed to work well for both, and has been positively heralded. That makes this unique, dual-usage stuff!

Read more about Yes at their website – here

Article from The Ecologist on the yuckiness of KY (posted on Yes’s site) – here

Read reviews and recommendations – Smart Planet, Times Online, Times Online hysterectomy article

Review of Maximus lube – here

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  1. August 5, 2008 12:28 am

    Hooray for water-based Yes lube! It’s one of my favourite lubes ever, and definitely my favourite water-based one. I’m delighted to see if getting more press 🙂

    xx Dee


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