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Pictures of The Pregnant Man’s Baby Girl

July 24, 2008
Thomas Beatie & Little Susan Jullette

Thomas Beatie & Little Susan Jullette

Thomas Beatie, the no longer pregnant “Pregnant Man,” is in People Magazine with his 3 week old baby daughter, Susan Jullette. What a cute father-daughter picture! According to People, Susan took 40 hours of labor and was born the old fashioned way. It cracks me up to write that about a man giving birth. Anyway, all are well and happy and Nancy is doing the breast feeding after inducing lactation with hormones and a breast pump.

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  1. Sarah Bennett permalink
    July 24, 2008 5:28 pm

    Congraulations on your beautiful girl. I feel like i need to say this to make a point i am not a lesbian nor have i every been with another
    i think what you have done is the most selfless act i have ever heard of that goes for your wife also i know that people in this world is mean and i hope and pray that thoes people will get over it and act like the people that we were put here to be i dont think anyone knows what the 3 of you have been thru nor what you will face i only hope that people will let you be the family you clearly want to be has any one stoped and thought for one min. that you guys are one of the families that believe in children and mariage and hope and love or you wouldnt have done it best of luck to you all i will be thinking of your family and hopeing that you all get to enjoy your lives together . sarah

  2. angie permalink
    July 26, 2008 11:21 am

    So all these hormones that are being put into their bodies is probably not good for the baby, I mean the doctor probably knows what he is doing but its just not natural to be doing this to your selves or to the baby. Good luck.

    (Note from Ruth @ Explorers Blog: Thanks for the great comments! I don’t know if Thomas & Nancy are reading the blog, but I’m sure they would appreciate your thoughts. I did read that Thomas stopped taking some (if not all) of his hormones months in advance of getting pregnant for that very reason, and that their baby is in fine health. Also, Nancy is not able to get pregnant due to a past surgery, and so they spent a lot of time planning this. As for being unnatural, I’ll side with Kinsey’s belief that the only unnatural act is one which cannot be performed. Or, you can read the ingredients on your shampoo bottle and then we’ll discuss what is really unnatural. 😉 )

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