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Life Lessons of 2 Craigslist Ladies

July 19, 2008
CraigsList HQ in Cali

CraigsList HQ in Cali

In an article quickly becoming famous on the net, two middle aged women share their adventures of meeting and enjoying many, many men off Craigslist. For those not familiar, Craigslist is a free online classifieds service where people find jobs, cheap used stuff, and each other. Craigslist is probably the most famous for the latter of those three, with popular and free personals that have sections ranging from the marriage minded to the quick & dirty. This article is a long one, my dear readers, but worth the time. Ana and Lily, who originally published their piece in the East Bay Press, may have moved quickly with their men but they take their sweet time with us. Reading their article gave me quite a bit to chew on and consider. They’re shameless and fun ladies, from the sound of it, with solid heads on their shoulders. I also suggest this read for those hoping to get more out of their CL posts; many suggestions are offered for men seeking partners. Ana and Lily also do a delightful job of demonstrating the delicious sexuality that women possess in mid-life, as well as the power of sex-positive friendships. While some blogs have used their article to demonstrate that Craigslist is a rather strange and undesirable place to find partners, I suggest that it is only representative of the world in general. Places with no cover charge draw a broad mix of people, and although you may sometimes get more than you pay for, much of the time you won’t. Is it worth it? For them it was, and one is still enjoying herself on CL, from the sounds of it.

Ana & Lily’s article, on – here

How to use Craigslist – here


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