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Sex Positive Voting at Votergasm

July 18, 2008
Votergasm Knows How To Heat Up the Democratic Process

Votergasm Knows How To Heat Up Absentee Voting

Any site that inspires my laughter, blushing and immediate participation gets a note here on the blog. Sure, provides information on contacting your elected officials for all of you looking to become active citizens, but the real kicker is pledging and partying. Sign up on their pledge form to declare that you will not only vote, but you will also boycott having sex with nonvoters for either a week or 4 years! Then print off your little tag, attach it to your shirt, and go to an election night party (listed on the site) to meet other dedicated voters. Is your significant other about to pledge, yet you don’t even have a registration or need to know how to vote absentee? Fear not, the lingerie clad lovelies of Votergasm will help you with that, but take care of it ASAP or you’ll risk getting the cold shoulder at the big party. Although the site is geared toward encouraging more young adults to register and vote, it is lovely eye candy regardless of age or citizenship. See you at the party!

Check out the fun – here


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