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Librarians on the Front Line

July 17, 2008
Behind this sly smile is a might brain.

Behind this sly smile is a mighty brain.

Jamie LaRue is a prime example of librarians serving as our champions of freedom. In a well written and inspiring post, Mr. LaRue shares with us his response to a letter of complaint regarding the children’s book Uncle Bobby’s Wedding. This library patron is concerned that the book’s content is not fit for her child, and offers several suggestions on restricting the book. Jamie’s response is incredible, blending respect with a solid grounding in awareness of history and philosophy. I’m particularly moved by his clear appreciation for the parent who wrote to him. It is long-ish for today’s time-strapped blog reader, but really well worth your time. He chose to share it in order to assist other librarians likely to face similar letters during the upcoming year.

LaRue’s letter – here

LaRue’s website – here

Thanks to Geekle for submitting this find!


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  1. Brent E. Dyer permalink
    July 28, 2008 10:28 pm

    Thanks for posting this. The letter that the librarian wrote was one of the best things that I’ve ever read.

    Librarians are the subject of a lot of unfavorable stereotypes (and not all of them are undeserved), but the one things that I’ve always admired about them is their dedication to making information easily available to everyone who wants to find it.

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