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Massachusetts Gets Better & Better

July 16, 2008

The New York Times recently reported on Massachusetts’s move to repeal a law from 1913 that banned out-of-state marriages that would not be recognized in their home states. According to The Times, this law may have been originally created to help out states with bans on interracial marriage. With that in mind, I am somewhat shocked that anyone dares to publicize their support for the 1913 ban, but then again people get pretty excited about anything that bolsters gay marriage. Former Gov. and perpetual bigot Mitt Romney used the law back in ’04 to back up his hate-based agenda. Now NY Governor Deval Patrick, Democrat and dad to a daughter who happens to be lesbian, is quick to note that the repeal is not only the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint, but it is also likely to help the economy. New York same-sex couples are anticipated to flock to Mass for their union ceremonies, considering that NY’s Gov. Paterson has his state ready to recognize same-sex unions from other states. A $111 million infusion is expected to roll in for the fine state of Massachusetts.

It’s no surprise that hate groups masquerading as science-based research institutes representing families quickly poo-pooed the news. Silly citizens, don’t you know that gay people come from, and continue to live in, caves instead of families? Families don’t have LGB members, and queer folks don’t have families. Just caves, or maybe spaceships. (sigh) They declared that it would provide grist for further movement toward federal amendment attempts, but were pretty much unable to counter the financial benefits of the move. That’s right, money continues to work magic.

Since we’re on the topic of voting with dollars, I would like to suggest that those of you considering hetero unions/marriages look into visiting a state that allows same-sex ceremonies. Destination weddings are all the rage, plus you’re bringing even more financial support to states who are doing things right. We did that with our union ceremony; booking an entire B&B, paying the license fees, going out to eat, and patronizing the airport and local attractions with our cash. While you’re at it, consider sending a letter with the total costs to members of your own state government to let them know how much they lost out on, with a copy to the friendly hosting state. I hear Boston is lovely…

The NY Times article – here

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