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HPV Resources

July 16, 2008
The Corpus Callosum

HPV Warholized - Photo: The Corpus Callosum

HPV is all the rage in the news, and in the general population with an infection rate somewhere around 80% and few symptoms (especially if you don’t get a wart). It’s also a very common search term for around here at The Explorers Blog. For all of you searching for HPV information, I have come across some excellent articles that you may benefit from. I also suggest looking at the links on the sidebar, which include resources for STIs (the new term for STDs) of all sorts. While HPV isn’t exactly a happy topic, the growing amount of resources dedicated to prevention and treatment is heartening. Now let’s get some more stuff for those of us who are babyboomers and older, as those women & men aren’t yet on the radar regarding this topic.

Great (and brief) article with general information on HPV, including what it is, symptoms, treatment, vaccination, etc.: check out this article by Dr. Ragazzo of UNC (published in The Chapel Hill News) – here

NY Times discusses the future of immunizing boys for HPV – here

National Partnership for Women & Families reviews side effects of Gardasil, the HPV immunization – here

What about Gardasil for older women (27-45… not much older)? Read NPWF on that – here

NYTimes looks at HPV and throat cancer for men, with links for info on cervical cancer for women – here

The Corpus Callosum blogs about the ethics of immunizing kids back in ’06 – here

(comments continue into 2008, which is why I included the link)


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