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Lifelong Sexuality Education in the UK

July 13, 2008
Hurray - we love the BMA!

Hurray - we love the BMA!

Granted, they don’t get to make the rules, but it’s still impressive and important. The British Medical Association, which met in Scotland recently, voted to support the inclusion of relationship and sexuality education in primary school. That’s elementary school, to those of us in the States. Those in favor, which totaled just over half, noted that they would focus on age-appropriate education. In other words, first graders would be learning about valuing themselves, not about condoms. Personal and relationship development would be the context, they noted. Those who were against predictably got hooked on the word “sex” and declared that it was not a good idea to teach 6 year olds about sex at the same time as the alphabet. Yes, really. Read it for yourself – here. I find it so entertaining when the same people who insist that the world has objectified sex and separated it from relationships and personal well-being then turn around and do exactly that in order to shoot down comprehensive sexuality education that is relationally, health and developmentally-based. Hmm. Nonetheless, good job bucking the sex-obsessed conservatives in order to endorse lifespan education of a comprehensive nature, BMA!

Source article from National Partnership for Women and Families – here

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