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Happy World Population Day (last Friday, sorry)

July 13, 2008
Logo of the UN

Logo of the UN

Friday was World Population Day. Over here we celebrated it by not procreating, you? That makes every day World Population Day over here, pretty much. The UN celebrated by issuing a statement encouraging all nations, especially those with the highest poverty rates, to focus on the importance of contraception and education for women. Over 3/4 of women in Afghanistan, for example, have never heard of family planning… which includes the concept that women and families choose when to have children instead of leaving it to fate or grace. As a result, very few condoms. Now, I’m pretty sure that the governments of all of the nations in which 5% or so of low-income youth use condoms are reading this blog and awaiting my political advice. I’m also pretty sure the UN is about to offer me a job (kidding on both points), so I officially state that I support the UN on this one! Let’s all celebrate by tossing a few bucks toward the wonderful folks that make sure we know about family planning and how to engage in it, and then for the after-party we can have a little non-reproductive pleasure! Seriously, this is yet another reason why spreading the word about healthy, happy sexuality and womens rights is important. Freedom: use it or lose it. Thanks, foremothers and fathers!

Source article by National Partnership for Women & Families – here

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